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December 2, 2011


NEW Radio Set: Fibber McGee and Molly - The Lost Episodes, Volume 13

The success of “Fibber McGee and Molly” as a legendary radio program can be attributed to many factors. The best comedy writing perhaps for any radio program in history. Memorable, lovable characters. The jokes and banter that people all across the country tuned in for every week. The primary reason, though, that this fantastically funny program still endures today, endearing itself to new fans all the time rests solely with the actors behind the title characters. The Real ‘Fibber McGee and Molly’. Jim and Marian Jordan.
Married just five days before Jim was drafted into World War I, both Jim and Marian Jordan had sought to work as performers their entire lives. Upon Jim’s return home, the Jordans entered into show business with a formula that would work for them their entire career. They did it together.
Working from hand to mouth for years, the break came for the couple in 1924 when on a bet they went to a Chicago radio station to sing better than a singer they’d heard on the radio and left that station with their first radio job. That spark led eventually to the Jordans leaving their mark on history as the couple in Wistful Vista that everybody wanted to visit. “Fibber McGee and Molly’ kept audiences in stitches for 24 years. By 1943, the Jordans had a number one show and one that still today resonates with people of all ages even today.
‘Fibber McGee and Molly’ fans now have the chance to hear many classic episodes of their later fifteen-minute daily series for NBC as Radio Archives has been releasing them in a series of popular compact disc collections - hilarious adventures that literally haven’t been heard since they were first aired in the mid-1950s. Featuring the Jordans, along with a cast of great characters, the newly-discovered shows in these collections are just as warm and entertaining today as they were more than fifty years ago.
Guaranteed to cause giggles and guffaws, “Fibber McGee and Molly: The Lost Episodes, Volume 13” is now available from Radio Archives! In this five hour collection set, priced at just $14.98 on CD and $9.98 for Digital Download, you’ll enjoy twenty full-length broadcasts, transferred from the original NBC master recordings and fully restored for sparkling audio fidelity.

A high riding western hero! A Great Price! And It Can Be Yours for The Holidays From Radio Archives! Radio Archives has a special offer on the Cisco Kid, Volume 1 featuring the Robin Hood of the Old West as portrayed by Jack Mather! Thrill to the adventures of Cisco and Pancho in 10 hours of wonderfully restored audio for only 99 Cents with a $35.00 Order!

That's right, classic family western audio entertainment, 10 CDs worth of Heroes, Villains, and wonderful tales to share and yours this Holiday Season for 99 cents with an order of $35.00 or more! Just add "The Cisco Kid, Volume 1" to your shopping cart, and then add $35.00 or more worth of additional merchandise to your cart as well. Before checking out, be sure to enter the coupon code BONUS to get the Cisco Kid set for just 99 Cents.

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'A Classic Christmas' with Ed Sullivan on DVD for only 99 cents! Televisions' Legendary Host and some of the world's best known stars celebrating Christmas with You for less than 1 dollar!

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Wanting to share the joy of Old Time Radio with those on your Christmas List this year? Ready to give the best audio collections of Classic Drama, Mystery, Comedy and More to Those You Love? Then take a look at some of the wonderful gift ideas Radio Archives has to offer you!

A landmark show that left a mark on all of entertainment, Dragnet, Volume 1 features episodes from this classic police procedural's first season! Radio and television pioneer Jack Webb is dead on as deadpan Joe Friday doing his job day in and day out for the Los Angeles Police Department. Backed up by his partner Ben Romero portrayed by radio great Barton Yarbrough, Friday carries listeners through every step of every case, making even the mundane parts of the job edge-of-your-seat exciting. Thrill to ten hours of Dragnet, Volume 1 available today on CD for $29.98 or digital download for $19.98!

The Biggest Stars of Radio and Hollywood's Golden Age can be found today on The Big Show, Volume 1! "The Big Show" presented a weekly mixture of comedy, drama and music from such guest stars as Jimmy Durante, Danny Thomas, Groucho Marx, Bob Hope, Rudy Vallee, Judy Garland and Fred Allen! Hosted by celebrated actress Tallulah Bankhead, 'The Big Show' was one of the most expensive, extravagant and excellent radio productions of its day. And all the glamour, fun, and music can be yours in The Big Show, Volume 1, ten CDs for $29.98 or via Digital Download for $19.98!

Flashing eyes and flashing knives...intrigue and mystery in the dusty, crowded streets of Cairo. And the man in all the action was named Rocky Jordan. Rocky Jordan, Volume 1 stars Jack Moyles as Jordan, the offer of the shadowy Café Tambourine. Jordan finds himself in trouble in every episode, either involving espionage or someone interested in taking his business. Almost always involving a velvet voiced female making eyes at Rocky. And Rocky doesn't find adventure alone. Cairo Police Captain Sam Sabaaya is always near by, ready to either help Jordan or arrest him! Find all the adventure and intrigue Cairo has to offer in Rocky Jordan, Volume 1, ten hours on CD for $29.98!

Very few shows had the impact on America in Radio's Golden age that Amos 'n' Andy had. The brainchild of Charles Correll and Freeman Gosden, Amos 'n' Andy, Volume 1 features the iconic lead characters and the comedy stylings that stopped most activity in every home, business, and town across the United States when the show was on. Laugh out loud as Amos 'n' Andy geehaw and joke with The Kingfish himself, his witty wife Sapphire, and all the members of the Mystic Knights of the Sea! Amos 'n' Andy, Volume 1 is classic Radio at its best and an important part of America's past! Available for $29.98 on CD or Digital Download for $19.98!
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The first audiobook of Will Murray's monumental Doc Savage adventure The Jade Ogre may be a little too big for all but the largest stocking. But this massive audiobook from is sure to delight fans of audio adventure this holiday season.
"In this tale of mistaken identity, Oriental mysticism, and high adventure, Doc faces one of his most formidable and mysterious foes," says Producer/Director Roger Rittner. "More than 11 hours in length, this tale never flags in excitement, mystery, and thrills."
Based on an outline by Lester Dent, The Jade Ogre tells the story of one of Doc Savage's most exciting and exotic adventures. Accompanied by his aides Monk Mayfair and Ham Brooks, his cousin Pat Savage, and a cast of unique characters, Doc races to unlock the secret of the Jade Ogre, a fantastic Oriental villain who unleashes death in the form of disembodied flying arms, capable of disintegrating its victims in a flash of fire. But the lethal flying arms are merely the cover for a more deadly menace – the mysterious Jade Fever, which strikes down its victims with a deadly virus that turns its victims green as jade.
"The Jade Ogre is my greatest pulp epic," author Will Murray says in his liner notes. "It's a wild quest into the darkest heart of Asia to track a malevolent monster."
Narrator Michael McConnohie essays every role in the story with unerring vocal impressions that give life to Murray's distinctive characters.
In addition to the 36-chapter story, the 12-CD set includes two bonus audio features: a continuation of Will Murray's discussion of the creation of Doc Savage, and his memory of creating The Jade Ogre from Lester Dent's notes, plus how Pat Savage has contributed to the Doc Savage canon.
The Jade Ogre is available now from at $37.98 for the deluxe 12-CD set, or $25.98 for instant digital download.

For over-the-top thrills, you can’t beat Prince of the Red Looters, the first audiobook from featuring the pulp hero, The Spider.
Eric Troup tells of his experience listening to Prince of the Red Looters:
“I wasn’t sure what to expect. I love the Spider, and I loved what I’d heard from ‘Python Isle’, so I was optimistic. However, I was fully unprepared for the amazing, often visceral, experience I had before me.
“The narration sweeps you along in an adrenaline-filled, nonstop wave of action and suspense that simply does not let up until the end of the book. The sound effects made the production even more immersive, making me feel like I was watching a narrated movie. And the music! It put the final touch on my ‘movie-going’ experience.
“This story has it all – sword fights, escapes, insurmountable odds, nail-biting suspense, unexpected twists, a superb villain, and so much more.
“I offer up a hearty thank-you to everyone involved, and I look forward to enjoying more productions of this caliber in the future.”
Prince of the Red Looters is available in a 6-CD deluxe set at just $19.98, or as an instant digital download at just $14.98.

In Booklist, the 100-year-old journal of the American Library Association, Kaite Mediatore Stover says that Python Isle, the first Doc Savage audiobook from Radio,”takes listeners on a breathless, roller-coaster adventure ride.”
Stover says it “sounds like a throwback to spine-tingling radio serials in which families listened to stories while glued to the radio console.
“McConnohie’s deep, rich tones and changing vocal patterns may fool some listeners into thinking this is a multicast performance,” Stover goes on, “but the fantastic accents and voices come from McConnohie alone. His masterful pacing keeps the tension and suspense tighter than a python’s grip, and a superb blend of sound effects and music enhance the mood, lending the production a cinematic feel.”

The full-cast NPR series The Adventures of Doc Savage. With special adaptations of “Fear Cay” and “The Thousand-Headed Man” by Roger Rittner and Will Murray, a full cast of voice actors, extensive sound effects, and period music score, The Adventures of Doc Savage is non-stop action in 13 exciting installments.
A super-criminal emerges in White Eyes, the second Doc Savage audiobook from From his skyscraper headquarters high above the streets of New York City to the sugarcane fields of Cuba, Doc Savage races to crush gangland’s latest uncrowned king! White Eyes features dramatic narration by Richard Epcar, cover art by Joe DeVito, plus fantastic extras!

The first Black Bat audiobook, Brand of the Black Bat, is a stirring story of crime and corruption, and of a courageous avenger determined to track down the vicious gangster who robbed him of his brilliant career, all the while thwarting Captain MacGrath of the N.Y.P.D., who suspects Quinn and the Black Bat are one and the same. Michael McConnohie reads this fantastic tale. resurrects the wild and wonderful Doctor Death, one of the rare unabashedly supernatural pulp series. Equal parts Doctor Frankenstein and Albert Einstein, with a dash of Fu Manchu, Doctor Death’s supreme goal in life was to crush civilization. His first fatal foray into reversing mankind’s fortunes, 12 Must Die, is now available in an audiobook read by the talented Joey D’Auria.
As you're hustling to finish your Christmas shopping, don't you want to get those on your list, something special? Like Larger than Life Heroes? Two-fisted tales of intrigue, mystery, and more action than you can shake a boxing glove at? Mad Villains bent on world domination or destruction with insane, almost mystical means? You can wrap all of that up in a box and put a pretty bow on top right here at The Pulp Book Store!
Not sure which fantastic hero to introduce yourself or those on your list to? Want to get a feel for the Characters that fight, tumble, run, and save the day in the Pulp Book Store? Then let's take a look at three of the best known, true iconic Pulp Characters.
Clearly at the pinnacle of Pulp stands The Man of Bronze himself, Doc Savage. Largely the product of the immensely powerful imagination of author Lester Dent, Doc Savage has been the template for a multitude of heroes, homages, and pastiches since his debut in the Pulps in the 1930s. A genius and near the height of human physical perfection, Doc embodies the essence of justice and righting wrongs, a man of pure intellect as well as brawn working for a pure purpose from a pure heart. Facing some of the greatest evils ever conceived by any author, Doc thinks, works, invents, and often fights his way through to victory.
One of the best loved aspects of the Doc Savage stories, however, is not the man himself. Doc surrounds himself with a team of aides, confidantes known as 'The Fabulous Five.' Each of these men were experts in their own field and Dent used them in a variety of ways, including to add vibrant color to his tales and often as that undercurrent of comedy in the midst of blazing adventure. The tirades and sarcastic banter between Monk Mayfair and Ham Brooks add humor, but also humanity to characters who work with a man who seems almost more than human.
You can find Doc Savage tales, both Classic and New from Several of the Publishers in the Pulp Book Store, such as:
Nostalgia Ventures - Doc Savage, Volume 1 (Reprint) $12.95
Altus Press - The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage - The Desert Demons (New) $24.95
Radio Archives -The Adventures of Doc Savage (8 Hours on CD) $24.98
Moonstone Books - Doc Savage the Lost Radio Scripts of Lester Dent $22.95
Mentioned often in the same breath as Doc when discussing Pulp Icons is the legendary vigilante The Shadow. Originally a creepy voice host on an old time radio program, the two-gunned Hero of the Night that we all know as The Shadow was the brainchild of Walter Gibson. Although a Crusader for Justice, The Shadow's approach was much more in the Shoot-First-Ask-Questions-Later realm. Using the cowardice and fear present in all criminals, The Shadow utilized great physical prowess as well as abilities he'd learned in the past, including his ability to 'cloud men's minds' to insure Justice was done on the dark streets of the City, even the World.
The Shadow also made use of a team of operatives, this one a covert group of people who owed The Shadow for their lives in some way or another. Included amongst this clandestine crew of conspirators are such people as Burbank, the central communications link for The Shadow's organization; Moe Shrevnitz, a Cab Driver and the Shadow's wheelman; Joe Cardona, Policeman; Harry Vincent, one of the Shadow's oldest allies; Cliff Marsland, the Shadow's mole into the underworld; and many more!
If you like your Heroes dark, your action intense, and your villains mad, then The Shadow is just the Gift for you this holiday season! Check out these volumes of Shadow Adventures in The Pulp Book Store!
Nostalgic Ventures - The Shadow, Volume 5 (Reprint) $12.95
Sanctum Press - The Shadow, Volume 38 (Reprint) $14.95
Nostalgic Ventures - The Shadow, Volume 19 (Reprint) $12.95
Sanctum Press - The Shadow, Volume 55 (Reprint) $14.95
A Hero who walks the line between Paragon and Psychopath also shot his way through the Pulps with a Vengeance and is still alive and dealing death to wrongdoers today! Norvell W. Page's The Spider is considered one of the most unique Heroes in Pulp Fiction, primarily because of his tactics and the question of his own sanity. Actually Richard Wentworth, millionaire, The Spider wrought violent justice on any evil that threatened his precious city! With blazing .45's clenched in his hands and a horrifying fright mask over his face, The Spider made the city streets safe for its citizens by leaving corpses by the dozens littering the curbs!
Assisted by the lovely Nita van Sloan, who isn't afraid to put on the outfit and play the Spider herself as well as loyal right hand man Ronald Jackson and Ram Singh, Wentworth's Sikh bodyguard, The Spider does whatever is necessary to make sure New York City is safe! These stories reverberate with wonderfully wild characters, over the top plots, and more gunshots than one can count! Criminals beware! Evil take note! The Spider will make sure Good and Justice Prevail! At All Costs!
Find all the pulse pounding Spider Adventures your heart can handle for the Holidays from these Publishers in the Pulp Book Store. Stories like:
Girasol Collectables - The Spider, Volume 1 (Reprint) $14.95
Moonstone Books-The Spider Chronicles (New) $16.95
Radio Archives - The Spider: Prince of the Red Looters, Audio Book $19.98
Girasol Collectables - The Spider Issue 3 October 1933 (Pulp Replica) $35.00
The only Place to go to find Pulpy Presents this Christmas! Get all this and more at The Pulp Book Store!

The Man of Bronze battles the supernatural in classic pulp thrillers by Lester Dent writing as "Kenneth Robeson." First, Doc Savage follows his stolen dirigible to a magic island and discovers the lost city of Ost, in an expanded novel with never-before-published text from Lester Dent's original manuscript. Then, Renny Renwick awakens in the body of a fugitive gangster after encountering a strange impish man. What is the bizarre connection between the One-Eyed Mystic, a stolen military secret and a Nazi plot? This classic pulp reprint features the original color pulp covers by Robert G. Harris and Modest Stein, Paul Orban's classic interior illustrations and historical commentary by Will Murray, writer of eight Doc Savage novels.
The Shadow's true identity takes center stage in two classic pulp novels that inspired the classic 1940 Shadow movie serial. First, explorer Kent Allard is invited to join The Green Hoods, a hooded secret society whose true purpose is an enigma. Then, airplanes carrying wealthy passengers disappear over the Rockies, setting The Shadow on the trail of the criminal mastermind called Silver Skull. PLUS "Prelude to Terror," a 1939 radio classic. This instant collector's item showcases both classic pulp covers by George Rozen, the original interior illustrations by Edd Cartier and commentary by popular-culture historians Ed Hulse and Will Murray.
Spicy Adventure Stories #6 June 1935
Spicy Detective Stories #22 February 1936
The Spider #74 November 1939
The Spider #75 December 1939
Weird Tales #96 December 1931

Review of "Lingo" from The Shadow, Volume 9

By John Olsen

"Lingo" was published in the April 1, 1935 issue of The Shadow Magazine. Currently, the head of all gangdom is Rook Hollister. But the underworld is in turmoil. Lately, his every efforts have been thwarted by forces of the law. Planned crimes are being broken up in the act; henchmen are either captured or killed by the police. And this continual failure of leadership has Rook Hollister's lieutenants preparing for a coup. Yes, Rook's on the way out. He's scheduled for "the bump." (Meaning, they are going to bump him off.)
Rook Hollister, kingpin of the underworld, decides to escape the wrath of his underlings by faking his own death. Sliding into place as the new boss of the underworld is Lingo Queed. Lingo can speak Greek, Italian and Chinese. And probably others that aren't mentioned. He claims credit for the killing of Rook Hollister, and takes over the reins of leadership. A new wave of crime is planned. It will take The Shadow to thwart those plans! It will take The Shadow to defeat Lingo Queed. And it will take The Shadow to reveal the hiding place of Rook Hollister and bring him to final justice.

The Shadow makes effective use of all of his aides in this story. Appearing are Clyde Burke, enterprising reporter on the staff of the Classic, Harry Vincent, the clean-cut chap who has long served The Shadow, Moe Shrevnitz, shrewd-faced cab driver whose taxi is actually owned by The Shadow, Cliff Marsland, alleged member of the underworld who is actually in The Shadow's employ, Hawkeye, the hunchy little trailer, Jericho, one of The Shadow's lesser agents who gets to play bodyguard for Lingo Queed, Burbank, vital communications man for The Shadow and Rutledge Mann, investment broker and contact man for The Shadow's organization. Representing the forces of law and order are acting inspector Joe Cardona and Deputy Police Commissioner Wainwright Barth.
The Shadow's famous girasol ring, the purplish, translucent gem that glows from The Shadow's third finger, appears in this story. In this story, it is worn only by The Shadow and is used as a means of identification. In later years, the ring was worn openly when disguised as Lamont Cranston (who, by the way, makes no appearance, here).
Lingo's a real classic and a thrilling Shadow mystery novel. It can be found in The Shadow, Volume 9 available from Radio Archives for $12.95!

Comments From Our Customers!
Gene Schneider:
Recently I found an offering of The Shadow that I’ve had for some time. Their re-mastering, etc. was quite bad. It can be a real shocker to play your work and compare it to other works. You have No peer in this business. Absolutely none! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Dominick Cancilla:
I've listened to your first two Doc Savage audiobooks and just finished your first Spider tale. I want to complement you on the quality of these productions. They are entertaining and engaging without being overproduced, and the voice talent, sound effects, and music are all top notch. As soon as I finish this e-mail, I will be ordering Black Bat, Doctor Death, and the new Doc Savage. Keep 'em coming!

Larry Black:
Thanks a million for the super deals and the excellent quality of your product! I look forward to hours of listening pleasure and to many more years of a continuing GREAT relationship.
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