Saturday, February 23, 2013


Our friends over at Fight Card Books shared their latest announcement.

Press Release:


Fight Card Publications announces the upcoming April debut of its new series Fight Card MMA, the first of several new expansions of the bestselling Fight Card brand.  Fight Card MMA will take the Fight Card series from the ring to the cage, while delivering ground-and-pound action equal to the exciting fistic pulp action demanded by fans of the monthly Fight Card novels.

Like the original Fight Card novels, the Fight Card MMA tales will be written by many of the best authors working in New Pulp under the series unifying pseudonym, Jack Tunney.

First up in the cage is author Gerard Brennan. His Fight Card MMA: Welcome To The Octagon takes readers deep into the hardscrabble world of Ireland’s burgeoning MMA scene, from dangerous underground battles to the spotlight of the cage.  Brennan has previously won critical acclaim for his hard-hitting novels The Point, Wee Rockets, and Fireproof.

Published simultaneously, Fight Card: The Kalamazoo Kid comes from top MMA author Jeremy Brown.  Brown’s previous MMA themed novels, Suckerpunch and Hook And Shoot – featuring rising MMA star Aaron Woodshed Wallace – have become the benchmark by which all other MMA themed novels are judged. Fight Card: The Kalamazoo Kid is a tightly plotted tale of revenge where every move inside and outside of the cage can be deadly.

Fight Card MMA: Welcome To The Octagon and Fight Card MMA: The Kalamazoo Kid will debut digitally and in print during the Pulp Ark convention to be held April 26-28-2013, in Springdale, AR.

Pulp Ark is one of the nation’s leading popular culture conventions, and will be featuring Fight Card co-creator Paul Bishop as a Guest of Honor.  Pulp Ark will also see the digital and print debut of Fight Card: Swamp Walloper, written by Bishop as a sequel to his first Fight Card novel, Fight Card: Felony Fists.

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