Wednesday, March 9, 2011


THE LONG MATINEE-Pulp Movie Reviews by Derrick Ferguson

So just what is a Pulp Movie?

Isn’t that opening up a Pandora’s Box of opinions.  We’re all still trying to achieve a meeting of the minds on what a Pulp story/novel/comic is.  We get on Skype, on IM, debate and discuss in chatrooms, message boards and at conventions on what Pulp is and at the end of the day, everybody can only agree on one thing: Pulp is Different Things To Different People.

And that’s okay.  That why The Good Lord in His Infinite Widsom made us all different.  So we could have fun trying to figure out stuff like this.

So back to Pulp Movies.  See, I can point at Alan Rudolph’s wonderfully quirky TROUBLE IN MIND and say that for me, that’s Pulp.  You may disagree.  I think we can all safely shake hands on the Indiana Jones and The Mummy movies and agree those are Pulp.  But then again, I consider TRUCK TURNER, SNAKES ON A PLANE and Woody Allen’s BROADWAY DANNY ROSE Pulp as well.  No doubt you feel differently about those choices.  Again, this is a good thing and it brings me to the meat-and-potatoes portion of this.

Our Mr. Hancock has been insisting most strenuously that I resume writing movie reviews for ALL PULP, which is a good idea.  Pulp novels, stories and comics get plenty of ink here but movies sometimes get lost in the sauce, as they say.

That’s where you guys come in.  After all, you’re part of this family, aintcha?  So why shouldn’t you get in on the fun?  Why don’t you recommend movies that you think qualify as Pulp Movies and I’ll review ‘em right here on ALL PULP.  If you have any doubts as to my competency as a movie reviewer then allow me to kindly direct you to The Ferguson Theater  where you can find a whole buncha reviews a’mine to read and enjoy.

Be so good as to send your movie recommendations directly to me at and as long as my Netflix subscription and personal DVD collection holds out, I’ll review ‘em.  It’ll keep me busy, you’ll get good stuff to read and Our Mr. Hancock will stop sending me suspicious looking packages in the mail.