Thursday, September 30, 2010


New Jungle Girl Series SNEAK PEEK at NYCC 

New York, NY October 1, 2010 Moonstone Books and CAE, LLC are pleased to announce their new series, Savage Beauty, a re-imagining of the jungle girl comic genre, with a modern twist.  

New York Comic Con will offer attendees a generous sneak peek as Moonstone invites readers to take a walk on the wild side with Savage Beauty. This new comic series tells the stories of sisters Lacy and Livvy Rae and their adventures traveling across modern-day Africa.

Savage Beauty will take readers on an exciting journey as the Rae sisters discover their purpose and strive to contribute and make a real difference in the world.
After graduating from a UCLA, a crisis in Kenya opens up their eyes to a world of problems and possibilities beyond the college life they so enjoyed.  Their “day job” is as reporters for African Adventures Online, but the Rae sisters are guided by the mysterious Mr. Eden to assume the identity of the mythical goddess Anaya. Disguised as this "Savage Beauty", the two girls fight Somali pirates, Ugandan warlords, rebel armies, corrupt politicians, and various other real-world adversaries torn from today's headlines.

 the comic book series intends to make a difference too - each issue will donate a full-color advertising page to partner causes such as Oxfam, Just A Drop, and Invisible Children, among others.

Writer and co-creator Mike Bullock says, “Savage Beauty allows me the opportunity to continue exploring the themes I worked with in the pages of The Phantom. Combine that with an opportunity to work with some really brilliant artists on a property I helped build from the ground up, and the appeal for this series is not only relevant, but personal.”
Artists Jose Massaroli (pencils and inks) and Bob Pedroza (colors) join Bullock to bring to life this on-going series. 

Savage Beauty #1, on sale February 2011, a 48-page over-sized debut issue, includes the first Savage Beauty adventure, a classic reprint of the original jungle girl, Sheena, and Special Features including lost promotional art to a 60’s Raquel Welch jungle girl movie pitch, and a golden age cover gallery.  All this for the retro-rollback price of only  $2.99!

“We’re really excited for this series –and we want to provide fans with a great value from the get-go. And with engaging covers, a killer story and cool extra features - we know retailers will love it”, said retropreneur and marketer Ed Catto.

“I’m amazed and thrilled at the positive feedback we've already been receiving on the Savage Beauty Facebook page. If this feedback is any indication, this book will have a bright future”, said CAE’s Joe Ahearn.

The first issue sports a "Movie Poster" cover by Thomas Yeates and two  "Welcome to the Jungle" variant covers spotlighting the girls, Lacy and Livvy, by fan favorite, Dave Hoover

Future covers boast strong talent, including Paul Gulacy, Mark Wheately and Newsweek’s Chris (Zeroids) Short. 

A special collectible ashcan of Savage Beauty #1 will be available at NYCC via the Captain Action’s booth #2380, specially priced for $1.00.

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