Thursday, September 30, 2010


When the concept for doing ALL PULP was being formulated, an obvious aspect to consider was a podcast.  These modern takes on radio shows have proven beneficial to many fields, hobbies, and areas of interest.  The discussion was of course had about ALL PULP's own Spectacled Seven putting together a podcast show of our own.  That discussion was a short one, though, as we already knew that a great Pulp Podcast already existed.  What? You haven't heard of the excellent work being done by Ric Croxton and Art Sippo to bring Pulp goodness each and every week to the listening public?  Well, shame on you!  But don't worry about it, because now that the Book Cave has graciously accepted the Seven's request to serve as the official podcast for ALL PULP, you'll hear plenty about the show, guaranteed!

Beginning with the 9/30/10 episode (#94) featuring an interview with Adam Garcia, author of the soon to be classic Airship 27/Cornerstone Publishers novel, GREEN LAMA UNBOUND, The Book Cave will be ALL PULP's official Podcast.  What Ric and Art do week to week will not change in any way, but an addition to the show will be one of the Spectacled Seven joining the guys with a brief collection of news bits, soundbytes, and glimpses even further into the World of Pulp!  Derrick Ferguson kicks off this awesome period for ALL PULP on this episode, covering all the Pulp that is news!!   Watch this page for all the fun exciting information that will be pouring like bats on their way to a belfry out of the BOOK CAVE!!

Check out the debut of THE BOOK CAVE as ALL PULP's official podcast here-  (And catch up on 93 other episodes of Pulpy goodness)!