Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The Spectacled Seven, that would be the pulp nom de plume for our ALL PULP Staff, steps up to the podium every week or so and provides you with an online panel discussion!  A topic will be thrown out for the Panel to debate, discuss, and dither on concerning pulp and all that goes with it!  So get your soda and your chips, find you a seat in the audience (preferably not by the big sweaty Klingon that smells like radishes) and sit back and enjoy the insanity, hilarity, and wisdom that is THE PANEL OF THE SPECTACLED SEVEN!

PANEL TOPIC #4- With the hopefully growing interest in pulp fiction, there will be more need of chances for the fans to meet the creators, for creators themselves to enjoy each others' company, and to expose the world to all that is pulp.  One major way this is done is via the pulp convention.  What does it take to make a pulp convention a great convention?  What sort of things have you seen at conventions that should be mirrored by others?  What are events, focuses, things you'd like to see at conventions that you're not really seeing yet?