Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well, here’s another pop quiz from P.O.P. QUIZ CENTRAL, where the P.O.P. in P.O.P. QUIZ stands for Periodic Outcome Profile (Sounds pretty test happy ta me!). While our last P.O.P. Quiz was fairly general in content, this one concentrates on pulp art, comicbook art and artists. Again only circle one choice per line! With this particular P.O.P. QUIZ don’t feel obligated to answer every item. If you’re not familiar with the following names just look ‘em up later. Consider it homework that will amaze and astound you! Many of us Many of us are not familiar with the names of the authentic pulp artists of yesteryear but are quite familiar with the comicbook artists of the 1940’s to the present. Others have become quite familiar with the cracklin’ crop of artists who are posting their awe inspirin’ artwork on fb.  Again, don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s only a test! If it were the real thing I’d sit you down at Disney with a drawing table and a mess of markers and tell ya ta draw a caricature of every guest that plunks themselves down in front of ya!  I think you’ll be happier with the end results and analysis here. Well, here we go again!

(Circle only one answer per line, please. It’ll make it a lot easier for self-scoring. Don’t worry, I still trust you!)

  1. Hal Foster or Alex Raymond?
  2. Little Nemo or Popeye?
  3. The Magnificent Seven or Seven Angry Men?
  4. Dennis the Menace or Peanuts?
  5. Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko?
  6. Gil Kane or Neal Adams?
  7. Gil Kane or Bob Kane?
  8. Wayne Boring or Paul Reiman?
  9. Joe Kubert or Jerry Robinson?
  10. John Buscema or Johnny Romita?
  11. Will Eisener or Jules Feiffer?
  12. Jay Piscopo or Delfin Barral?
  13. Wally Wood or Mark Wheatley?
  14. Battle Star Galactica or Star Trek?
  15. Seascapes or Still Life?
  16. Nik Poliwko or Lawrence Leeson?
  17. Monopoly or Clue?
  18. Carl Barks or Walter Lantz?
  19. Art Deco or Craftsman?
  20. Evan Quiring or Del Hewitt, Jr.
  21. Law & Order or Dragnet?
  22. Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers?
  23. Dave Lung or Danny De Bruin?
  24. Twin Earths or Lost In Space?
  25. Jeremy Billadeau or Mike Spicer?
  26. Danny Kelly or Pete Hernandez II?
  27. Addams Family or the Munsters ?
  28. Jim Steranko or Peter Max?
  29. Desperate Housewives or All My Children?
  30. James Bama or Frank Frazetta

Well, did you find a pattern here? No? Look again, if you circled mostly names on the left you enjoy going to the movies. If more of your choices were on the right than you most likely enjoy live theatre. Now how does this translate to pulp art and design? Easy! The more names and titles you circled on the left the more you’re drawn to a cinematic angle and perspective. The more answers you circled on the right tells us you enjoy a dramatic feel and approach that can only be achieved on stage. If your choices even out between, let’s say 14 of one and 16 of the other, then you’re comfortable with more styles and techniques than most pulp artists, fans and writers.