Friday, September 3, 2010

It's An Action Packed Tuesday!


Ready for a pulp action hero like no other?  Want your fill of high flyin', explodin' good ol' fashion adventurin' for the sake of adventurin'?? Then don't miss the interview with writer John Morgan Neal, co creator of AYM GERONIMO AND THE POSTMODERN PIONEERS! Who is this Aym we speak of, you ask??  Why, click on the interview tab and find out!!

To paraphrase a classic pop song, the heart of pulp is still beatin'! The first Moonstone Monday might be over, but All Pulp continues to churn out the good word about pulp adventure! Look for several new reviews today, updates to the news section and more! Upcoming interviews will feature the likes of Wild Cat Books' Publisher Ron Hanna, author B.C. Bell and AYM GERONIMO writer J. Morgan Neal!


Government offices are closed all over the United States! Most likely, you are reading this from the comfort of your own home today because you have been given the day off in celebration of a national holiday!! Yes, that most fantastic of holidays...what? Labor Day?? No, although that's really cool, too, we're talking about the most awesome of days to be celebrated! That's right, it's finally come..The First Ever All Pulp....

As one of the leading Pulp Pushin' Publishers of the modern era, Moonstone has made its mark by bringing Pulp type characters from all mediums back to life via comic books (Reviving 'Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar' and 'Boston Blackie' was INSPIRED) and pulp prose anthologies. Now Moonstone takes its devotion to Pulp to the next level with the ambitious project RETURN OF THE ORIGINALS!! Classic pulp characters, both iconic and unknown, live to adventure and action again in a line of comics coming from Moonstone! Don't believe us? Then let's name drop...The Black Bat...Ki-Gor...The Spider...Phantom Detective...I. V. Frost..and so much more! Written by some of the best known names in modern pulp and drawn by fantastic artists, classic Pulp heroes walk, run, fly, and fight again in Moonstone's RETURN OF THE ORIGINALS! Check out our news, interviews, and other pages today throughout the day for all sorts of Moonstone goodness, including never before seen images!!!


It was unveiled on this week's edition of The Book Cave Podcast but the full details will be coming soon in a press release from Pro Se Productions. Veteran authors (and All Pulp contributors) Tommy Hancock, Derrick Ferguson and Barry Reese are teaming up on a shared universe project set in the fictional location of Sovereign City! The fellow to the left is Lazarus Gray, one of the denizens of the project. The image is a production sketch from artist Anthony Castrillo. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Anthony's work is great. Would love to see him do a Rook comic book series. Hint..hint..hint.


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