Monday, July 30, 2012


Art: Graham Nolan
As a promotion for the upcoming release of Graham Nolan's MONSTER ISLAND, Pulp 2.0 Press is running the comic strip version of the graphic novel on the Pulp 2.0 Facebook page.

The strip will run until August 15th. During that time you will have the opportunity to pre-order the book for $9.99 postage paid!

The comic strip version of MONSTER ISLAND has never been seen before and is one of the many bonus features you'll find in the new edition. Our 80 page book has over 30 new pages of material including commentary from Graham, an interview, sketches, layouts and a few notes by the Mad Pulp Bastard himself, Bill Cunningham.

Story and Art: Graham Nolan
Later in the year, Pulp 2.0 Press will be following this comic strip promotion up with a brand new strip by Chris Ecker and Steve Skeates featuring Big Bang Comics’ The Knight Watchman.

About Monster Island:

Monster Island is the story of two pilots who crash land and become stranded on a lost island that serves as the holding area for an alien consortium that removes problem monsters from other worlds for a fee. Now our two heroes – Mac, a feisty female with two fists that do her talking for her, and Duke, a macho fighter jock with a soft spot for Mac - must learn not only how to survive in this deadly alien zoo, but escape it before Monster Island is drawn back through time and space to another point in the universe!

Story and Art: Graham Nolan
Monster Island features all of those things you loved about 1950’s classic monster movies – monsters, mysterious islands, aliens, flying saucers, and half-naked alien queens, but in a fresh, new way that piles on the fun with the fantastic! This comic is Graham Nolan’s love letter to 12¢ comic books, Aurora model kits, BUZ SAWYER comic strips, 1950’s monster movies, Ray Harryhausen and FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine. Self-published 15 years ago, Monster Island is one of those books that you can hand anyone of any age and they will immediately “get it.” Those are the kinds of projects we adore here at Pulp 2.0 – and we know you will too!