Sunday, July 8, 2012


The latest release from New Pulp powerhouse publisher Fight Card is the first sequel in the series!

A year after the pulse-pounding action of Split Decision, Jimmy Wyler is back in Chicago trying to put his life back together. Working a job washing dishes in a late night diner, Jimmy vows to never get into a boxing ring again.

But then, someone needs him. Leo, a teenaged boy who fights hard against the city every day, could use a man like Jimmy. To help save him from his alcoholic father, and to save his only sister from a pimp bent on turning her out.

Jimmy must fight again. Fight for the ones who can?t fight for themselves. It will take him from fistfights in back alleys to no rules bouts with crowds screaming for blood and all the way back to the orphanage where he grew up. Along the way, blood will be spilled and knuckles will be bruised.
More white-knuckle action and epic fights from the Fightcard series.

Praise for Split Decision: It was unpredictable; it put its main protagonist through the ringer; and didn't take the soft option for the resolution. It's that kind of story. I finished it in one sitting. It's that entertaining. Highly recommended.- Permission To Kill

Split Decision is a prime example of the sort of variety and adventurous storytelling we can expect from the Fight Card series, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended.- James Reasoner, author of Dust Devils and The Blood Mesa

Split Decision hooked me. Allow enough time to read the whole thing at one sitting, you're not going to want to put it down.- Mike Faricy, author of Russian Roulette and Finders Keepers

Available now in Paperback on Amazon and as an Ebook for Your Kindle!