Friday, April 15, 2011


This is Tommy at Windy City.   Will Murray, noted Pulp Historian, is part of a panel tonight and a major announcement is expected.  Will is currently discussing the recent release of the 1980s Doc Savage Audio Drama now available through Radio Archives.  Due to the success of selling the Audio dramas, Radio Archives wants to follow up this item.  Will Murray announces that Radio Archives will be doing Doc Savage audio books based on Murray's past Doc Savage novels, starting with PYTHON ISLE!  The announcement also includes that Radio Archives will do audio books for all seven of Will Murray's planned seven novels and will also be doing audio novels of The Spider and Secret Agent X in the future!

WHITE EYES will be the next novel adapted to audio book after PYTHON ISLE.  Top voice talents have been cast to perform these books, including Michael McConahaigh for PYTHON ISLE, who had also been an actor in the original DOC SAVAGE audio drama!