Saturday, April 2, 2011


A message from Tommy Hancock, EIC of All Pulp and Member of the Spectacled Seven-

First, I want to thank each and every one of you who have visited ALL PULP for your interest, support, and comments over the last few months.  It's hard to believe how many people have viewed the site and hopefully enjoyed our content over the last seven, almost eight months.  It has truly been a pleasure to not only post news, reviews, interviews, etc., but it has been an honor to become, according to comments many of you have made, a vital part of the Pulp world, a major force in the Pulp Renaissance we are all currently enjoying.

ALL PULP definitely wants to and will continue to be a driving contributor and beacon for All The News that is Pulp and to do that, ALL PULP needs your help.  Now I have posted comments like this before, here and in other places, and those of you who listen to THE BOOK CAVE, ALL PULP's official podcast, have heard me say this sort of thing there as well.  But I write this to you now to stress how important YOU are to what we do.

ALL PULP needs to know some things from you.
 What do you want to see more of, both generally and specifically? 
What are we doing that you don't really care for? 
What features would you like to see added?
What companies that you love are we not even aware of?
What creators that you love need to be featured on ALL PULP that aren't?
What creators and companies that are regulars on ALL PULP do you want to see more from?
Is news all you want?  Do you enjoy fiction, art, and the other things ALL PULP has done?
Do you want more 'out of the box' stuff from ALL PULP and if so, what?

If you're a creator or a publisher, please sound off on those things as well, but also-What can we do to make sure you are sending us all your news, information, and special features you'd like to have on ALL PULP on a regular basis? I would love it if the ALL PULP staff had the time to track down every scrap of news and come to you and ask what you have going on, but the reality is we don't.  No one gets paid at ALL PULP and most of us are struggling writers and publishers ourselves, which means time is something we don't have a ton of  What can we do to get into a regular conversation of sorts with you as creators to get your stuff out there and content for the site?

Please answer these questions.  You can either click the COMMENTS tabe on the ALL PULP page and leave your answers there OR you can email me directly at   Now, most of the time when these types of questions are asked, no one replies or maybe one or two do.  If that happens, this time, that's fine, but that means that things may continue as status quo at ALL PULP until I and others find a magic treasure chest full of time to focus on doing different things with the site.   I encourage and ask each of you to send me your thoughts and suggestions.  

ALL PULP is the site for all the news that is Pulp.  And we want to do even more of that the way YOU LIKE IT.

Thank you,