Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PULP DEFINED Writer's Group Formed and YOU could be a part of it!

From Tommy Hancock, one of the founding members of PULP DEFINED-

We all know that Pulp is in the midst of what some call a resurgence, others a renaissance, still others a reawakening.  Whatever you term it, Pulp is probably more discussed, more involved, and more active now than it has been since its heyday.  Due to that, new publishers, new characters, and new concepts are popping up right and left.  One of those is the idea of the internet pulp groups, of which there are some sterling examples, that focus on the works of creators, allow for fan interaction, and simply further the cause of Pulp in exemplary fashion.  The one that comes to mind immediately is THE PULP FACTORY, headed by Ron Fortier and Rob Davis.

With the increase in the pace of the growth of Pulp being as fast as it seems within the last few years, many discussions and conversations have focused on how to legitimize Pulp more, how to appeal to a modern audience, how to stake our claim to being valid literature and to make an impact that everyone will notice.  One way to do that is to improve the craft, to focus on quality and other factors.  Another way is to provide a group that acts as support, advocacy, and encouragement for Pulp creators.   The latter is the dream that started what has now become PULP DEFINED.

PULP DEFINED began as an attempt to form a creator's organization much like other fields have on a large scale.  Something that those involved in this idea learned very quickly was that was a monumental task and one that Pulp may not be as ready for as it needs to be.   So PULP DEFINED has stepped back and considered what is needed in Pulp right now to move that direction.  And that is a group, a body of writers initially, since the ideas do spring forth from the writer's pen, to focus on the craft of creating Pulp, to address some key issues about Pulp as a genre and a group unto itself.

In the process, though, of working toward the original big picture plan, a few things had to be defined.  One that was successfully defined was a definition for what Pulp would be for this group.  We all know that if you ask ten pulp writers, artists, publishers, and fans to define Pulp, you're liable to get answers that share characteristics, but tend to go off in different directions.   To form a cohesiveness for this planned group, we determined it was necessary to set a broad definition for Pulp so at least some differentiation could be made.
So, for that purpose, the definition of what is Pulp as seen by PULP DEFINED is as follows-

PULP IS -fast-paced, plot-orientated storytelling of a linear nature with clearly defined, larger than life protagonists and antagonists and creative descriptions and clever use of turns of phrase, words, and other aspects of writing that add to the intensity and pacing of the story.

Using this definition as our parameters, PULP DEFINED wants to establish itself as a Writer's Group (Again, initially) focused seriously on writing in terms of three areas-

EDUCATION/IMPROVEMENT-We have all been in online writers' groups that start out with good intentions, that really want to focus on reading each other's work, offering helpful hints, even discussing key points that are universal to the field we're writing in.  Then they fizzle out.  I won't say that won't happen here, but I will say we don't want or need that to happen here.  PULP DEFINED will be focused on specifically working with every writer who is a member and wants to sort of put their stuff out there for the group as a whole to help with.   Whether that's editing, idea generation, or marketing and such after the work is done, PULP DEFINED intends to be a place where a writer can bring their work and from start to finish learn from others in the field ways to improve and be sure the idea gets out there.

QUALITY-Although this ties in somewhat to the first one, PULP DEFINED intends to be a group where not only writers can improve, but hopefully we as a group can establish standards for quality amongst ourselves that raise the bar for us all and while still keeping true to the essence of Pulp, improve our work in ways that will make it appeal to mainstream readers and those markets.   No one is looking to set up rules for how 'good' a pulp story should be, but there is enough work out there passing itself off as Pulp that is not of the quality that some of things serious writers are producing.

COMMUNITY-This is as important as the other two.  This group, open to Pulp writers, is open to Pulp writers regardless of medium.   That's novelists, short story writers, comic writers, audio show writers, film, tv, etc.  Even though the mediums we each use may be different, Pulp work done in any medium only furthers the cause of PULP DEFINED.  We hope this group will become a haven for the Pulp writer, regardless of how they transmit that to the general masses.

With these three things in mind, PULP DEFINED is going to be a group of writers focused on writing.  Other groups exist to handle discussions of Pulp history, fandom, and other aspects.  And those are as needed, if not more needed in some respects than a writer's group.  But PULP DEFINED intends to be a writer's group that elevates Pulp, both writer and product.  And this group intends to provide education, support, and whatever is needed as it grows.  Notice, I didn't say if.  AS it grows.

So, interested in being a member?  First, make sure your work meets the definition above!  Secondly, be ready to work, to share, to help, to give yourself to the group to make it what it needs to be.   This group is not for the writer wanting to try a taste, we are the hoarders at the buffet and are very serious about what we plan to do.  Thirdly, email me at requesting membership.  If I don't know you, then provide me something that let's me know your work in Pulp.   Other founding members of this group can put you up for membership as well if you know them.  They are-RON FORTIER, DERRICK FERGUSON, BARRY REESE, PAUL MANNERING, ANDREW SALMON, and JOSHUA REYNOLDS.  Any of the founding members can 'sponsor' you so to speak,which simply means bringing you to that core group for approval.   Then you're invited and PULP DEFINED takes off!

Some will have issues with this concept for a variety of reasons.  The intent of PULP DEFINED is to improve, elevate, publicize, and make Pulp into something that is even longer lasting, even more influential, and could be a career for some of us.   This is not intended to be a fly-by-night exercise.  We are very serious about what we plan to do.

Join us, won't you?