Thursday, April 14, 2011


From the site-

The Ferguson Theater is open for business

Greetings and Salutations.  Welcome to The Ferguson Theater.  So glad you could make it.  Sit down, make yourself comfortable.  Rest your coat.  Hopefully you’ll stay here for a while while I give you the obligatory explanation as to why I’m taking up valuable time and space here.

You guys already know I’m into movies.  Big time.  On a good day I watch at least one movie, either a new one I’ve never seen before or an old favorite.  On a really good day I watch four.  And then every so often, usually during the summer months my wife Patricia and I will have all-night movie marathons at home.  So yeah, I guess you could say I like movies.  A lot.

That love of movies prompted me to start up a Live Journal where I wrote movie reviews.  That proved successful enough that eventually I ended up with enough movie reviews to fill two books (which are available from and the handy dandy link is to your right) with a third book sitting on my hard drive giving me dirty looks because it feels neglected.  It also led to my co-hosting Better In The Dark with Thomas Deja.  The movie review themed podcast has also enjoyed a good bit of success.  Since it’s lasted five years now, I have no choice but to accept that people actually think that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to movies.

And that leads us to The Ferguson Theater.  Over the years people have emailed me asking why don’t I put all my movie reviews on one website, blog, whatever since they’ve been scattered over three or four different websites over the years.  And as part of my mandate to become more organized when it comes to my online footprints, I’ve finally buckled down and put this together.

What does this mean for my Live Journal?  Oh, it’ll still be there but I’ll no longer be posting movie reviews there.  Anything that has to do with movies or TV will be posted right here from now on.  So you won’t have to go scrambling through three or four different websites to find a review of mine.  I’ll also continue posting reviews over at the Better In The Dark message board so if you don’t get ‘em there, you’ll get ‘em here.  Makes it simpler all way round, I think.

So that’s the dilly-o.  Thanks for listening and by all means, please feel free to come back soon and often.  Rest assured that the older reviews you may have read before aren’t just copied and pasted here from other sites.  Most reviews are rewritten to reflect my new views/sensibilities on the movie so you’re just not getting the same ol’ crap from me you’ve read elsewhere.  I value your time just as much as I value mine.  I don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours and anytime you feel that I am, call me on it.

I also urge you to check out the links on the right.  Some of those sites contain content written or presented by friends of mine, some of them really excellent writers.  I visit their websites on a regular basis because they know what they’re talking about, they’re entertaining and they’re simply just a whole lotta fun to read.

Okay, I’ve run my mouth enough.  Time for the reviews.  Thank you for coming to The Ferguson Theater.  Sit back and relax, enjoy the show.