Thursday, March 28, 2013


Classic Pulp Fiction was known as a proving ground for not only up and coming writers, but also new takes on genre fiction and experimenting with the style of writing Pulp.  New Pulp as a field and style is no different than its ancestor and one of the leading companies focused on pushing the boundaries of genre fiction, in both content and presentation, is Pro Se Productions!  To that end, Pro Se announces today a daring new collection is now open for submissions!

RAT-A-TAT!: Short Blasts of Pulp! Is a book that will spotlight extremely short pieces, popularly known as ‘flash fiction’ that, regardless of genre, will be Pulp in nature.   Pieces accepted for this collection must be no shorter than 500 words, but no longer than 3,000 words.  Also, the requirements are that these be complete stories, not scenes or excerpts from larger pieces.  Also, the pieces must be heretofore unpublished.  Each story will be read and reviewed and acceptance will be determined by the above standards as well as the determination of whether or not the story qualifies as Pulp.

“Flash Fiction,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Pro Se Editor in Chief says, “is a neat style all its own and to apply that to Pulp will be interesting.  The Classic Pulps, although not filled with them, ran shorts within the lengths we’ll have in this collection, so it’s not a new ground we’re breaking.   But to take these short pieces, to challenge writers to tell complete tales in a smattering of words, and to then bind all the genres, all the writers, all the stories into one collection, that’s a new take on things, a bit of an experiment, and a risk that Pro Se is more than ready to take.”

Hancock also stated that due to the fact there could potentially be nearly 100 authors in this collection, each contributor will get 1 print copy and 10 digital copies of the book, regardless of how many stories a writer submits.  Hancock said that multiple submissions by individual writers are accepted, but the intent is to have as wide a variety of authors as the book will have of stories.

RAT-A-TAT! : Short Blasts of Pulp! Will be open for submissions until June 1st or until the word count of 60,000 words is met.   Submissions must be COMPLETE stories, no proposals or queries.  Send submissions to Morgan Minor, Pro Se Director of Corporate Operations at  Direct any questions to that address as well.