Monday, March 11, 2013


Tommy Hancock, one of the seven founders and Editor in Chief of All Pulp since its inception submitted the following statement-

"This is a statement I didn't think I'd ever write when we started ALL PULP just slightly less than three years ago.   At that time, we were seven strong and we were going to bring a new voice to how Pulp news was delivered.  Not that we thought anything was wrong with other sites delivering it at the time - Coming Attractions was a large part of the inspiration for what ALL PULP is now - but we wanted to bring ourselves into the spreading of the Pulp Gospel, not just our work or New Pulp, but anything and everything we could find that was Pulp News.  And I think we did that from the get - go and although some of the Seven have faded into the sunset and other names have taken bylines as guest reviewers or interviewers, I think that same mission is still in place.  All Pulp is still innovative, creative, and - based on the emails and messages I get - still a vital part of how so many Pulp fans get their news.

ALL PULP also has done something else, ALL PULP and a few other things.   In the last three years, I have met many creators, fans, publishers, and more people who are interested in Pulp than I could have ever imagined.  Out of those connections have come many opportunities for me as a Pulp Writer, a Publisher, a Commentator, and Event Organizer.  Now, my typical mode of operation has been to just stack one job on top of the other, paid and unpaid alike, and bore ahead.   The advice of many over the years has been not to do that, but I've done fairly well at keeping up with it.

But things have finally gotten to the point that not only do I need more time, but the truly necessary, important parts of what I do within Publishing, Writing, and New Pulp also need more attention than I've given in the past.  Several projects I am working on are on the verge of breaking out in a variety of ways, but they won't without the right care and attention.  I do have others helping me, I'm not alone in any of them really, but I am the driver of many of the cars we have in the race.  So, to that end, some decisions have been made.  As of today, March 11, 2013, I am formally offering my resignation as Editor in Chief and regular staff member from All Pulp.

I will remain on board for a month and work with those who are still involved with ALL PULP to determine who the leadership will be and how it will be handled.  If someone is found or a decision is made before the month is up, then I'll take my fedora off the hook and put on my trenchcoat and be on my way.  I do hope to continue to be a contributor here with a more regular review column (TIPPIN' HANCOCK'S HAT) as being a reviewer is one of the opportunities I have been encouraged to explore on other levels, if the new bosses will have me, that is.   But as for being a leader and a regular here, I'll simply be another person who checks the site about three or four times a day.

I can't begin to thank everyone who has been a part of ALL PULP's success.  The Spectacled Seven who started it all (Ron Fortier, Barry Reese, Bobby Nash, Derrick Ferguson, Sarge Portera, and Van Plexico, and some hack named Hancock) had a vision and I thank my six cohorts for making that vision happen.  The creators of Pulp as well as the fans also have made ALL PULP not only a news site, but a repository collecting the history of the last few years of Pulpdom.  The fact that I was allowed to be a part of that is just too cool.

So, that's it.  There'll be other announcements about changes for me and maybe the new regime at ALL PULP will run them. If you want to say bye or complain finally about all the things I've done here that you don't like or whatever, then drop me a line at or post on our Facebook page.  And stay tuned to here to see just who's going to be driving this madcap crazy train in the future.

A Tip of My Fedora to Each and Everyone of You,
Tommy Hancock