Saturday, March 9, 2013


A fractured, ruined world where forgotten, legendary creatures live and thrive in towering mountains, magical forests, and barren deserts. Angelique Bosc and her allies will traverse harsh, nightmarish landscapes to discover the secrets of the past, stabilize events in the present day, and unlock the  
mysteries of the future as they journey to CADAVER ISLAND!

Pro Se Productions Proudly Presents CADAVER ISLAND, the debut novel from Author Kevin Rodgers!

In the year 2212, long after the world has been reshaped by seismic cataclysms and polar shifts, Princess Angelique Bosc recovers from a terrible Hovercraft accident, which left her injured and near death. Her friend and physician, Dr. Laurent Stine, used his skills as a robotics engineer to replace her damaged organs with android components. Angelique realizes that her mechanical heart will require a fresh battery pack within 48 hours. However, a loathed and exiled warlock, Xavier Thames, steals all of the battery packs and transports them to his castle, Thames Keep, in order to build a time machine. Angelique, Dr. Stine, and their allies are forced to embark on a long, perilous trek to Thames Keep located on Cadaver Island. Can they reach Thames Keep and replace Angelique's battery pack before she goes into cardiac arrest?

"Kevin Rodgers," stated Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, "is one of the strongest new voices in Genre Fiction.   Able to write well in any genre, Kevin has excelled at the sort of cross genre mash up type stories that today's readers enjoy.   One of our more prolific contributors to Pro Se Presents, our magazine, Kevin can chill, thrill, and excite readers as well as any author.   Pro Se is more than proud to be publishing not only Kevin's debut novel, but the first in a trilogy guaranteed to Cadaver Island is the first installment of a trilogy by Author Kevin Rodgers, replete with all the horror, action, and adventure Kevin's work is known for."

Featuring stunning artwork by Ariadne Soares of Fitztown and mindblowing design and format by Sean Ali, Cadaver Island is a nonstop futuristic horror thriller guaranteed to chill and amaze! From Pro Se Productions, a leader in Genre and New Pulp Fiction!

CADAVER ISLAND is now available at Amazon HERE and via Pro Se's CreateSpace eStore at for $15.00.  And coming soon in Ebook for your Kindle, Nook, and other devices for only $2.99!