Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Official Philip José Farmer Email

Hello to everyone on the PJF Mailing list. There is a lot going on right now, but you can check the website and facebook for all those details.
This email is just to make sure you are aware of one thing. In the last newsletter (before making this information public online) I told you that if you are one of first 100 people to preorder THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 3: Portraits of a Trickster, you will get a custom laminated bookmark marking the occasion, just like the ones sent out with the first 100 copies of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 2. Meteor House has not yet reached 100 preorders, so there is still time to do this.
However, Meteor House has now upped the ante with another reason you want to preorder THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 3 right now. It is so you can win a chance to be Tuckerized in a story—and not just any story, but a mind-blowingly-awesome story that Farmer fandom will still be talking about decades from now. That's right, a character in a story in this book will be named after you. One person chosen at random will win this prize and there are three ways you can enter the contest:
1. Here is the easy one. Preorder a copy of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 3. If you have already ordered a copy, you are already entered.2. This will require a little more effort on your part, but it gives you another chance to win. If you already own a copy of THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 1: Protean Dimensons, follow that link to Amazon and post a review of the book. It doesn't have to be a 5 star review, we want your honest assessment of the book, but it must be a minimum of 50 words, not just, "Loved the book, I recommend it!" 3. If you've already done the second one, this won't be any harder. Assuming you own and have read THE WORLDS OF PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER 2: Of Dust and Soul follow that link to Amazon and post a review. Same conditions, it doesn't have to be a glowing review, we really want your opinions, but please put a little effort into it and write 50 words or more.
There you have it, three chances to win a one-of-a-kind prize, and do Meteor House a favor in the process. If you enjoy their books, entering the contest by any of the three methods is a great way to say thank you. However, you only have a week to enter as the deadline is midnight eastern on June 30th. On July 1st, the winner will be chosen and notified.Oops, one more thing I should remind you of: Don't forget to preorder EXILES OF KHO by June 30th. If you do so, your name will appear in the book on the acknowledgments page. Since only a small number of copies will be printed beyond the number preordered, if you don't preorder, there is a very good chance you will miss out on the tale of how Sahhindar significantly influenced the course of events in the ancient civilization of Khokarsa.
Mike Croteau
The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page