Monday, December 3, 2018


One of the things I liked best about reading (or watching) Tarzan adventures was the thrill of discovery. Tarzan was always stumbling across some hidden locale or braving the unknown. The Once and Future Tarzan carries on that tradition with another big unknown for our beloved pulp hero... the future. Tarzan has conquered the jungle, but can a nearly immortal Lord of the Jungle thrive in a post-apocalyptic London? Writer Alan Gordon spins a pulpy tale that hits all the right notes. Artists Bo Hampton and Thomas Yeates provide stunning visuals that all but leap off the page. And there's a fight with a giant crocodile that is suitable for framing. Pulp and adventure fans alike will enjoy this thrilling yarn. Hopefully, we will see more from this creative team., 4 BIG STARS!

Full disclosure: I was slipped an advanced copy of this story. The trade paperback collected edition will be in comic shops, book stores, and on-line retails next week. You should definitely pick up a copy.