Wednesday, August 17, 2016



Airship 27 Productions is proud to announce the release of Fred Adams Jr.’ s newest mystery novel, “Dead Man’s Melody.”  This is the first in a series by one of New Pulp’s finest new writers.

Fifteen years ago Sam Dunne was the lead guitarist and singer for the popular rock band, Gin Sing.  Critics and fans prophesied a meteoric rising the top of the music charts.  Then his bandmates, Eddie Shay and Danny Barton, kicked him to the curb and went chasing after rock stardom without him.

Now Dunne works small one night gigs while teaching English Lit at a community college.  He’s let the past go and learned to accept things as they are.  Then one morning he turns on the radio to learn Shay has been murdered, shot to death in his private home studio.

Soon the police start focusing their attention Dunne as a “person of interest.”  It’s a custom made set up, with him as the chief suspect due to a fifteen year old grudge he’s suppose to be nurturing. When common sense proves to be useless, the former rocker is left with only one recourse; to do his own investigating and find the killer before he’s fitted with a prison wardrobe.

“Fred Adams is not just a good writer,” says Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “He’s far and away the best new writer to enter the New Pulp market in the last ten years.  And that’s no exaggeration on my part.  A former college teacher of English Composition, Adams technical know-how is evident immediately in any of his works. What is the surprise is that intangible storytelling gift he displays.  His stories pull readers effortlessly into whatever scenario his mind has whipped up and instantly takes them along for the ride.  Honestly, reading a Fred Adams book is like the best damn desert you ever ate.”

Now writer Fred Adams Jr. spins a gritty, fascinating mystery authentically set in the world of sex, drugs and rock roll delivering a masterful reading experience along the way.   Artist Richard Jun provides the black and white interior illustrations and Rob Davis, award winning Art Director for Airship 27 provides the cover.  All of which make “Dead Man’s Melody” is clearly a cut above the rest.


Now available at – and soon on Kindle.