Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lord of the Louisiana Jungle Website Debuts!


Welcome to our website dedicated to the documentary film Tarzan: Lord 
of the Louisiana Jungle and the original silent motion picture classicTarzan 
of the Apes. Please take a few moments to visit the entire site.
The character of Tarzan™ turns 100 years old 
this year. In celebration of that milestone, Bossier 
City’s Al Bohl and his daughter, filmmaker Allison Bohl 
now of Lafayette have teamed up to produce a 
feature-length documentary entitled, Tarzan: 
Lord of the Louisiana Jungle.
In August of 1917 an eclectic band of filmmakers, 
actors and circus acrobats fought malaria, unbearable 
heat and the swamp of the Louisiana Atchafalaya River 
Basin to bring to the silver screen the best-selling book 
Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was an
 instant hit with audiences, considered one of the top six motion pictures of the
 silent era, and one of the first 10 films to earn over one million dollars at the 
box office. The film was shot in Morgan City, Louisiana.
Over a period of four years, Al 
and his daughter combed through 
hundreds of photos and documents
and videotaped up to seventy hours 
of interviews and locations. They 
interviewed scholars, authors, 
historians, fans, experts in merchandise, 
actors, an expert in primates, 
the curator of the Burroughs’ collection and 
the family of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Their travels in Louisiana included 
Morgan City, New Orleans, Patterson and Baton Rouge. They also 
gathered interviews in Los Angeles and Tarzana, California. More footage 
was taped in Ohio, Kentucky and Chicago, Illinois.
In addition, the Bohls re-edited the
 original Tarzan of the Apes silent film 
and added an entirely new orchestral 
musical score written by Kermit Poling 
of Shreveport. The success of the movie 
Tarzan of the Apes spawned over 40 
authorized sequels and 6 television shows.
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