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July 15, 2011

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* New Digital Downloads Now Available
* New Podcast Features the Creators of "Python Isle"
* Coming Soon: Doc Savage in "White Eyes"
* Spotlight on The Spider

New Digital Downloads Now Available
For well over a decade, has been known for the amazing audio quality of our classic radio compact disc collections - and it's no wonder. We insist upon finding the absolute best quality masters, then carefully restoring them so that they retain all of the audio luster of the original recordings with none of the crackle, pops, hiss, or muffling so often heard in radio shows from other sources.

So, when we decided to start offering digital downloads of these same collections, we knew that you'd accept nothing but the absolute best quality. That's why every classic radio co llection you download from comes to you as a zip file containing each individual show, encoded as a mono 128 kpbs MP3 file with a sampling rate of 44,100.
If you often enjoy audio entertainment on your computer, your cell phone, or a portable device, you'll be glad to hear that we've just added another sizable batch of selections to the digital downloads" page at Included are such long-time customer favorites as the classic police drama "Calling All Cars", the western adventure series "The Cisco Kid", the high-flying adventures of America's favorite free-lance insurance investigator "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar", and many, many more!

Digital downloads from give you the best of everything. Top quality shows in sparkling audio fidelity, available to you for instant delivery around the clock - and, with digital downloads, you'll pay no postage or delivery charges! Whether you live in Beijing, Basingstoke, or Bakersfield, just place your order and, within minutes, you'll be enjoying some great entertainment.

Stop by often and see what's new in our digital downloads section. Great shows, great sound, and great prices, too!

New Podcast Features the Creators of "Python Isle"
About a month ago, released "Python Isle", the Doc Savage adventure that is the first in our new line of enhanced audiobooks. Your response to the set has been tremendous, with "Python Isle" quickly climbing to the top of the best-seller list on the Radio Archives website.

But the excitement about this engrossing and dramatic production has spread far beyond the customers of Just this week, in fact, the creators of "Python Isle" were the guests of "Pulped!", the new podcast hosted by Tommy Hancock and Derrick Ferguson. It was delightful fun to spend an hour with these two knowledgeable gentlemen discussing Doc Savage, audio production, and the details of how "Python Isle" came to be.

This new episode of "Pulped" can be heard in its entirety on our website at Visit the Audiobook section and give it a listen! And if you haven't yet purchased your copy of "Python Isle", there's still plenty of time to add it to your list of "gotta hear it" summer listening! Priced at just $25.98 for the 8 audio CD set or $17.98 for the digital download, this thrilling story of action and suspense is one that you'll want to share with your whole family - and it's only available from!

Coming Soon: Doc Savage in "White Eyes"

The place: New York City. During the depths of the Great Depression, in the shadow of streamlined skyscrapers, reporters scramble for clues about an insidious wave of bizarre deaths - everyday citizens struck dead, the eyes in their lifeless bodies turned a sightless and ghastly white. The Blind Death has the teeming city paralyzed with fear; in desperation, civic leaders turn to the one man who can discover who or what is behind this gruesome series of murders: Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze.

From his offices high above the city, Doc and his band of trusted colleagues soon uncover a terrifying scheme to gather together all of the city's criminal elements as a single and seemingly undefeatable force. Their intent: to seize the wealth of the Man of Bronze and destroy him once and for all!

"White Eyes", the second in a new line of audiobook adventures from, is an epic tale of crime from the pen of Will Murray, heir apparent to Lester Dent, creator of Doc Savage. Featuring dramatic narration by Richard Epcar, "White Eyes" is a roller coaster ride of action and excitement that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Produced and directed by Roger Rittner, who joined with Will Murray to bring you both "The Adventures of Doc Savage" radio series and the thrilling audiobook "Python Isle", "White Eyes" will bring you ten hours of engrossing entertainment. Soon to be available as both a ten audio compact disc collection and a ten hour digital download, this new release from will also feature evocative cover art by Joe DeVito and two fascinating and exclusive audio interviews with the author.

Join the Man of Bronze for a suspenseful tale of action and adventure in "White Eyes", the new Doc Savage audiobook coming soon from

Spotlight on The Spider
His name is Richard Wentworth III. Man-about-town, dilettante of the arts, and engaged to the beautiful Nita Van Sloan, it would seem at first glance that he is nothing more than another non-productive member of the upper crust - a wealthy young man preoccupied with casual and frivolous pursuits. But, in reality, Richard Wentworth is completely devoted to the pursuit of justice for the downtrodden, no matter what the cost to himself or to his loved ones. Secretly donning a tattered black hat and cape, a wig of stringy hair, sinister face makeup, and strapping on a pair of .45 automatics, Wentworth prowls the streets of New York as The Spider, chasing down criminal masterminds bent on enslaving or destroying humanity.

The pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s produced a number of memorable heroes, but none were as action-packed or violent as The Spider. For neatly a decade, he was the self-proclaimed scourge of the Underworld, doling out his own particular brand of justice and imprinting his dreaded red Spider seal on the foreheads of those he killed for the good of mankind. Unlike Doc Savage, who radiated health and well being, or The Shadow, who worked covertly with the police to solve crimes, The Spider was an obsessed loner, imbued with the spirit and the lawlessness of a vigilante. Offering a less optimis
tic and more
defiant take on the challenges of the Great Depression, the villains in the novels of The Spider were equally obsessive, committing acts of destruction on a massive scale. Essentially terrorists, they thought nothing of sinking huge ocean liners, toppling skyscrapers, and wiping out entire towns with germ warfare - and their motivation for such acts was often nothing more than sheer evil for its own sake.

The stories of The Spider plunge you headfirst aboard an emotional roller coaster, with scarcely a moment's pause for respite. Oriental death traps, treacherous and alluring women, and rabid, machine-gun toting gangsters are all part of a typical day for this beleaguered hero. And, to make things worse, Wentworth is frequently suspected of being the dreaded Spider, his home is periodically destroyed, and his servants and friends - particularly the long-suffering Nita Van Sloan - kidnapped, tied-up, and threatened with horrible torturous deaths.

If you're only familiar with Doc Savage or The Shadow, The Spider offers a fascinating and, even today, often shocking alternative for those who are fascinated by the pleasures of pulp fiction. is excited to offer an ongoing series of double-novel reprints featuring the timeless tales of The Spider, complete with the original full-color covers and reformatted for easy reading. And, coming soon, new Spider audiobooks, too! Make your source for the best in classic pulp fiction entertainment!

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