Thursday, March 22, 2012


From A Mysterious Island Hidden in the Pacific Comes a Man Known to Friend and Foe alike.  Genius.  Scientific Wizard. Adventurer. Troubleshooter. Hero.  A Force For Justice That Strikes Like Thunder!

Pro Se Productions, in conjunction with Altus Press, proudly presents THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THUNDER JIM WADE! The latest in the PULP OBSCURA line, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THUNDER JIM WADE features brand new tales of this classic Hero by six of the finest writers of New Pulp today!  

Often considered a clone of other Pulp Heroes, this collection clearly shows that Thunder Jim and his partners Red and Dirk stand on their own as over the top action adventurers!  Able to go anywhere in the world, thanks to Wade’s fantastic invention, The Thunderbug, these three take on evil in all its forms anywhere it dares show itself!

Two fisted action flies from Yesterday into Today thanks to Andrew Salmon, Ashley Mangin, Barry Reese, Frank Schildiner, Mark Squirek, and Nick Alhelm with fantastic art from Mike Fyles!  With wonderful design and formatting by Sean E. Ali, Matt Moring, and Russ Anderson on Ebooks, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THUNDER JIM WADE gives the world exactly what it needs today!  A Hero Ready for Whatever Evil Throws at Him!  Pulp Obscura Presents THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THUNDER JIM WADE from Pro Se Productions!

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THUNDER JIM WADE are now available in print at at Amazon!  Also Available in days for the Kindle at Amazon, the Nook at Barnes and Noble, and at in various formats! 

For those interested in the original adventures of Thunder Jim Wade, check out Altus Press’ THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF THUNDER JIM WADE at