Thursday, October 27, 2011


Press Release – For Immediate Release
GIDEON CAIN: DEMON HUNTER Now Smites Evil—via Kindle!
Puritan Swordsman’s Adventures Debut on Amazon’s Popular e-Reader

Smithton, IL (October 27, 2011) White Rocket Books proudly announces the release in Kindle format of
Gideon Cain: Demon Hunter, the multi-award-nominated Sword-and-Sorcery anthology co-created by Van Allen Plexico (SENTINELS; LUCIAN) and Kurt Busiek (Dark Horse’s CONAN; ASTRO CITY), among other New Pulp luminaries.

The book contains seven stories that see the dour Puritan battling evil both demonic and all-too-human, on land and sea, in deserts and forests and frozen wastes.

Having witnessed the travesty of the Salem Witch Trials first hand, Cain leaves his home and family behind to fulfill his divinely-decreed destiny. Now, armed only with his flintlock pistols, imposing mortuary sword engraved with angelic runes, and his unshakeable faith in his holy cause, Cain relentlessly pursues the arch-demon Azazel, corruptor of Mankind, across the globe. Along the way, he clashes with pirates, savages, monsters and madmen.

“New Pulp” all-star scribes Scott Harris, K. G. McAbee, James Palmer, Ian Watson, David Wright, and Brian Zavitz join writer/editor/co-creator Van Allen Plexico in delivering seven savage tales of holy vengeance.

Says Plexico of this new electronic edition: “I was extremely proud to bring GIDEON CAIN to the world as part of another publisher’s paperback line. Now I’m equally excited to see the grim Puritan hacking-and-slashing his way onto Kindles, by way of White Rocket Books! Having the involvement from day one on this project of the guy who wrote one of the greatest CONAN runs ever—Kurt Busiek—should guarantee readers of what kind of Sword-and-Sorcery adventure they have in store here.”

Originally published in trade paperback in 2010 by Airship 27, GIDEON CAIN: DEMON HUNTER was nominated for three Pulp Factory Awards (two for Best Story; one for best artwork). Additionally, Plexico and Watson were nominated for Best Pulp Writer by PulpArk. The new Kindle edition presents all seven stories in their entirety, along with the Introduction by Busiek, at the low price of only $2.99.

White Rocket Books is a leader in the New Pulp movement, publishing exciting action and adventure novels and anthologies since 2005, in both traditional and electronic formats. White Rocket books have hit the Top 15-by-Genre and have garnered praise from everyone from Marvel Comics Editor Tom Brevoort to Kirkus Reviews.

On sale as of October 27, 2011, GIDEON CAIN: DEMON HUNTER is a $2.99 e-book from White Rocket Books.

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