Friday, October 7, 2011

Here Comes Space Kid!

Space kid - honorary deputy of the Space Patrol!

Space Kid! is a pulpy, old-school, retro-sci-fi, all-ages fun-and-adventure weekly webcomic by John MacLeod. Launched in June 2010, Space Kid is a weekly web comic with a new page posted every Sunday -- all previous pages are still up and easily viewable so you can read Space Kid's adventures from the beginning at

If you like your sci fi mixed with pulpy fun, then give Space Kid a shot.

About Space Kid:

Welcome to the 26th century — as viewed from 1950.

Space Kid! was inspired by artist John MacLeod catching sight of a graphic on a T-shirt: a retro-cartoony style drawing of a big-headed boy in a classic retro bubble-helmet spacesuit. That drawing suddenly triggered a huge wave of flashbacks to the sci-fi junk from the 50s and 60s that he grew up on and loved. Things like The Jetsons, Adam Strange, Marine Boy, Magnus: Robot Fighter, most of the Supermarionation shows, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Perry Rhodan, and other Googie visions of the future that saturated the pop culture of those days, and which he found so much fun and so terribly exciting as a kid. And more flashbacks, to things from the old days which he didn’t discover until much later, like the 50s sci-fi work of Osamu Tezuka and Cyborg 009 and Star Blazers and Dan Dare. According to MacLeod, You will find echoes of all these [and probably lots more] in Space Kid!

You can read the adventures of Space Kid at