Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meet ThePulp.Net

ThePulp.Net is a fan-produced Web site devoted to the pulp magazines of the 1890s through the 1950s. ThePulp.Net debuted March 26, 1996, as .Pulp on America Online. Its initial concept was for a Web site devoted to The Shadow. But eventually that changed to encompass additional pulp characters and books.

From the TPN site, "In mid-1995, we found it difficult to track down Web sites about pulp magazines. You had to search Yahoo (there wasn’t a Google then) and otherwise just surf the Net looking for pulp-related sites. Out of that frustration grew the seed for ThePulp.Net."

.Pulp started with links pages to Web sites devoted to The Shadow, Doc Savage and The Spider and a page to other pulp-related sites, plus a brief history of the pulps that was originally published in 1979. In July 1998, ThePulp.Net got its own domain name and really began to grow.

In addition to turning 10 years old in 2006, ThePulp.Net celebrated another milestone in January 2006 when the site surpassed 500,000 visitors. It is their hope that it won’t take another 10 years to reach one million visitors to the site. ThePulp.Net was created to help pulp fans increase their enjoyment of the pulp magazines.

In addition to information on the heyday of the pulps as well as new pulp, you can find links to other pulp sites, pulp publishers, blogs, websites, character bios, and more. ThePulp.Net is a treasure trove of pulp information.

You can visit ThePulp.Net at
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