Wednesday, October 26, 2011


PRO SE PRODUCTIONS announces today that PULP ARK 2012, The Official New Pulp Convention, will be held April 20-22, 2012.  PULP ARK will be held once again in the scenic Ozark Mountains in Batesville, Arkansas, a town with a rich history and full of life all its own that sets it apart from other small town venues.  PULP ARK 2012 will be held at the Independence County Fairgrounds in Batesville with ample room for vendors, guests, panels, and multiple outside activities!

"This is our second year," Tommy Hancock, PULP ARK Founder and Coordinator states, "and even though our first year was in many ways indicative of the first year of anything, we actually have quite a lot to live up to.  With our 30 or so guests last year, we found the perfect mix of Convention and Creators' Conference.   We found a formula that works for PULP ARK that is a little different than other conventions and conferences and we have to make sure we continue that aspect of it.  Also, though, we have to make sure PULP ARK 2012 is an event that brings in fans from all over Arkansas, nearby states, and from wherever else, fans that will interact with our guests and make it a successful weekend for all.  So, with our eye on keeping some of the closeness that developed on the conference side of PULP ARK, this is all going to be a full blown Fan's Convention experience as well.  Guaranteed."

Hancock states that announcements will be forthcoming with details regularly concerning PULP ARK 2012 and can be found at!pulp-ark.  

"We have," Hancock said, "returning guests and will be revealing those in the next day or so.  We are also pleased to announce we have many new guests  attending, including writers, publishers, artists, and several cool enthusiasts and performers.  One such group is the Clockwork Mechanalists, a fantastic Steampunk group out of Memphis, Tennessee.  Steampunk is an exciting area of interest and, in my opinion, as pulp as anything can be and the Mechanilists will be at PULP ARK to entertain and educate us all!"  Hancock stated that future announcements would provide more information on the  Mechanalists, Steampunk, and even a surprise announcement related to the Mechanalists and the Convention/Conference.  Hancock also promised that other guests and performers would receive similar spotlights as given the Mechanilists here in coming announcements.

PULP ARK 2012 will also have several contests going in association with the event.  "We will once again," Hancock stated, "present the Pulp Ark Awards for excellence in Pulp Fiction in the previous year.  But there'll be other awards presented in an unique way as well.  We'll be announcing several writing and art contests within the next week and the prizes for some of them are actually exciting prospects for the winning creators."

A major selling point of PULP ARK 2012 to guests, exhibitors, vendors, and performers who may be interested in attending is that there is no charge for single table space and no membership fee for vendors, guests or performers.  "We want these people to come and entertain and meet fans.  At this point in our life as a convention/conference, it's most important to us to make sure PULP ARK has a great lineup of guests and talent."

With the promise of releases and announcements rather consistently from now until PULP ARK 2012, Pro Se Productions invites you as fans, writers, creators, performers, exhibitors and vendors to be a part of PULP ARK 2012!  Email Hancock at or call 870-834-4022 for more information and remember to check out!pulp-ark for regular updates!