Monday, October 24, 2011

Martin Powell Takes Tarzan To The Earth's Core!

Tarzan © ERB, Inc. Artwork Tim Burgard
Author Martin Powell recently announced that he is writing a graphic novel of TARZAN AT THE EARTH'S CORE that will be illustrated by Tim Burgard, for Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics.

The Tarzan At The Earrth's Core 
graphic novel is officially licensed and authorized by the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and will be published as a special edition in celebration of the ape-man's 100th Anniversary in 2012. "Tarzan has always been at the top of my list for characters to write," Powell said on his blog. "And this is possibly the biggest project of my twenty-five year career. I honestly never thought I'd get this chance. Very special thanks to ERB, Inc. and Michael Hudson for making this possible."

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