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October 21, 2011

NEW Radio Set: Afloat with Henry Morgan, Volume 1

Pulse Pounding Pirate Adventure!
In 1947, a new serial sailed its way to the airwaves, one quite unlike anything to come before it. High seas intrigue. Colorful, exciting characters, both within the stories and behind the mike. Pulse pounding, pulpy tales of pirates and buccaneers. All of this and more can be found in fifteen-minute punches of action and adventure with Afloat with Henry Morgan, Volume 1.
A 52 episode Australian series, Afloat with Henry Morgan definitely has an all ages appeal. This is due primarily to the intense pacing of the stories themselves as well as the historical component, the fact that Henry Morgan, the buccaneer spotlighted in 'Afloat' was indeed a real person! Spending nearly his entire seafaring career in the Caribbean, wild tales of adventure swirl around the real life Morgan from 1655, his first noted appearance in the area, up until his death in 1688. Morgan's legend as a carousing, hard fighting ambitious man lived far beyond his passing, providing fertile soil for Afloat with Henry Morgan to sprout from nearly 300 years later.
This classic program was produced by well-known Australian radio personality George Edwards. Edwards lent not only his production skills to Afloat, but shared his amazing vocal talents as well. Known as "The Man with a Thousand Voices," Edwards parlayed his ability to sound like a young child, any male he wanted to, nearly any nationality necessary, and even older women into a legendary career as a radio actor. The skill to do sometimes twelve different voices in a single episode definitely fit the needs of Afloat with Henry Morgan, with it being a lower budget affair.
Written by Warren Berry, Afloat with Henry Morgan follows Morgan and his intrepid band of privateers through storms, swamps, deep into the hands of the enemy, and of course across the wide-open seas. Stories center around political conspiracies, pilfered Aztec necklaces, coups and swordplay, and of course the double crossing and conniving ways of good old-fashioned pirates!
The first 28 episodes of this cliffhanger non-stop serial are presented in Afloat with Henry Morgan, Volume 1. Restored to the finest sparkling quality possible by Radio Archives, this collection brings you seven hours of history, mystery, hard men, courageous women, and sea battles galore! Thrill as Morgan becomes involved in the theft of an Aztec artifact, plots are hatched and betrayed, raids are planned and double crossed, and a plethora of characters, many voiced by George Edwards, all come together to take you Afloat with Henry Morgan in this first volume of this classic show brought to you by
Order your Seven Hour CD set today for only $20.98 or Download the entire volume for $13.98! Only from
by Tommy Hancock

When one ponders words and phrases like 'hard boiled,' 'gritty,' 'pulp,' or 'noir,' most usually get images of a rugged fedora wearing gun toting Private Eye or Gangster skulking in a dark alley, waiting to either fire the next bullet or take the next one between the eyes. Not often do those descriptors bring to mind a solitary reporter working the streets of Chicago after the sun goes down, looking for the horror and humanity that his readers will wake up to over coffee.
Listen to Nightbeat, Volume 1 and I bet the next time you hear those words, you'll think of Randy Stone and his nightly sojourn into the underbelly of Chicago.
Following the popular trend in films, literature, and radio of focusing on the darker aspects of people and the lives they led, Nightbeat was a program that debuted in 1950. The pilot episode, 'The Elevator' details an adventure in the life of one Lucky Stone, reporter for the Chicago Examiner, voiced by character actor Frank Lovejoy. The frantic, frenetic approach Lovejoy used in voicing a man walking the line between getting a story for his newspaper and taking vengeance for a departed friend combined with a memorable opening theme and a moody soundtrack definitely shows why NBC added Nightbeat to its schedule for the next two years.
Debuting February 6, 1950, Nightbeat came to the listening public a bit different than its previous incarnation. Lucky had given way to Randy Stone, now a reporter for The Chicago Star. There was also a subtle, but distinct difference between Lovejoy's portrayal of Stone in the pilot and from the first show forward. More confident and harder boiled in many ways than Lucky, Randy Stone found his way into one adventure after another, dealing with plotlines that twisted and turned along the way.
The simple premise made wonderfully intricate stories full of layered characters and fleshed out nuances come to life quickly for listeners. Randy Stone was just a guy doing his job and, when confronted with decisions and situations, he worked to do the right thing, even if it meant slapping someone around or putting his life on the line. This 'Good American' mentality combined with the seedier side of life, Stone often confronted, were strong reasons it was popular both amongst listeners who heard its original two-year run and fans and enthusiasts today.
This twenty episode collection features 'special rebroadcasts' of previous Nightbeat episodes. These shows played on Sunday nights instead of Mondays to bring listeners to the show on its regular night. It's actually really neat to hear these programs because they're not actually rebroadcasts. In at least one of them, the only voice that appeared in the first version was Lovejoy's, so there's an opportunity to hear how different actors played the same roles.
The twenty episodes in this collection take Randy all over Chicago and the human experience. Frank Lovejoy's fantastic voice talent and the terse, rapid fire pacing of each tale makes Nightbeat, Volume 1 a collection not to be missed for fans of hard boiled pulp radio or the drama of humanity. Only $29.98 for the Ten Hour CD set or $13.98 for the Digital Download version.

A criminal army is attacking the financial centers of New York.  They are led by a mysterious mastermind so clever and so ruthless, that only one man can possibly stop him.  And that man has been targeted for death by the gang's leader.  Can Richard Wentworth, the infamous Spider, match wits with The Fly and save the lives and fortunes of the people of New York?'s newest audiobook, Prince of the Red Looters, the first audio adventure of The Spider, packs mile-a-minute thrills as Richard Wentworth races to discover the identity of The Fly, one of the Spider's most fiendish foes.  A master of the blade, who can anticipate The Spider's every move, The Fly is bent on The Spider's destruction, leaving The Fly's criminal organization free to loot, maim, and kill.
Prince of the Red Looters, available now in both a deluxe six-CD set and MP3 digital download, is the first in series of Will Murray's Pulp Classics.  Each entry in the series is a classic pulp adventure personally chosen by Will Murray, one of the country's foremost experts on all things pulp.
Producer/Director Roger Rittner says, "Prince of the Red Looters is an astounding accomplishment, wedding dynamic narration from two unique stars of stage and screen, specially selected sound effects, and a complete period music score."
This action-packed story features Nick Santa Maria and Robin Riker narrating and voicing the character parts.  "They've done outstanding work in this exciting novel-length adventure of the classic pulp hero, The Spider," Roger says.
Early listeners say:
  "It looks terrific and sounds even better."
  "It's excellent.  Really held my attention."
  "The results are amazing."
Prince of the Red Looters is available now in a six-CD set, priced at $19.98, with original cover art and a special bonus audio feature of Will Murray explaining the genesis of The Spider.  The audiobook is also available as an MP3 Digital Download, including the special bonus feature, at just $13.98.
"Prince of the Red Looters is a listening experience that will thrill every fan of audiobooks and pulp fiction," Roger says.
Doc Savage Fans Continue to Praise Man of Bronze Audiobooks first two Doc Savage audiobooks, Will Murray's Python Isle and White Eyes – along with the full-cast NPR series The Adventures of Doc Savage –  continue to garner accolades from Doc fans as well as those just discovering the greatest adventure hero of the 1930s.
Richard Brunner writes,
"The production values are fantastic.  I missed the first one when it was on NPR.  I have listened to a number of audio books over the years, but the music and sound you have added to these two really make them come alive.  Both of the narrators are really pros. customer Eugene Dungan says,
"I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your two Doc Savage audiobooks, Python Isle and White Eyes.  Keep up the great work."
Python Isle, narrated by Michael McConnohie, White Eyes, narrated by Richard Epcar, and The Adventures of Doc Savage with a full Hollywood cast, are available in impressive CD sets and as digital downloads.  Python Isle and White Eyes are also available in special Signed Director's Editions.
And coming soon: Will Murray's monumental Doc Savage adventure, The Jade Ogre, in a deluxe 12-hour audiobook edition. 

Known for continually offering its customers the best in products and service, Radio Archives is proud to announce the opening of The Pulp Book Store. This innovative site will provide both Pulp enthusiasts and those who are simply curious a one-stop opportunity to browse and shop the best the Pulp market in all its many facets has to offer every single day!

Pulp Fiction, even though its heyday was in the early 20th Century, has been popular as long as it has existed and continues to excite readers today. Often fast paced, action packed, and full of fantastical ideas, over the top characters, and imaginative adventures, Pulp can be about cowboys, aliens, ancient gods, two-fisted detectives, bigger than life gangsters, femme fatales, and so many other sorts of characters as it reaches into nearly every genre imaginable.
In the last few years, Pulp has resurged. Some have called it a renaissance, others simply saying that due to current economic and societal situations, pulp literature is once again sought by the masses. Regardless of the view taken, the fact that so many companies are involved in either the reproduction of classic Pulp stories or creating brand new pulp stories written by modern writers proves that Pulp is still viable as a creative outlet. Add to that the rising prominence once again of such classic Pulp icons as Doc Savage, The Shadow, and The Spider, there can be no denying that Pulp strikes a chord with consumers and shows no signs of that changing.

Pulp is also all about variety. Not only are there classic and new pulp stories, but nearly every genre has stories within it that are clearly pulp. Be it science fiction, hard boiled crime, rootin' tootin' westerns and so many others, Pulp discriminates against no genre. This, along with the resurgence of Pulp publishers and its popularity, is why Radio Archives has established the Pulp Book Store.
The plan for the Book Store is simple, to become a central hub for all Pulp products. Although this may be a lofty goal, the vision behind it is basic. Instead of having to shop all over the internet and go from site to site to buy the Pulp that they want, consumers will have one location to browse a multitude of Publishers and Pulp Providers. Publishers will have a single location that will sell their products, a location that is set aside for Pulp type material only, so as customers come to view one item, every publisher gets a chance with their store to win new customers for their products.
This concept even works for the accidental browser, one who is slightly curious about Pulp or maybe knows nothing about it. In the Pulp Book Store, that person will find more than enough information and opportunities to sample this thing called Pulp.

If you're interested in Pulp Classics, then the Pulp Book Store features the best in Pulp Reprint Publishers. Ride along with the well remembered classic Pulp heroes as they fight wrong and make right! Or, if your interest leans more toward more obscure characters, you'll find those too in some of the great replicas and reprints produced by leading publishers in the Pulp world, all right here at The Pulp Book Store!
Looking for something new? Pulpy tales written by modern writers and using either original characters or simply new stories about existing characters, are growing in popularity. Pulp icons blaze new trails in original adventures, such as Will Murray's all new Doc Savage novels. A pantheon of modern original heroes step front and center to keep up the good fight as well. New tales in a classic style keep Pulp Fiction current and alive and can be found here at the Pulp Book Store!
Pulp Publishers, your home can easily be here. The Pulp Book Store is a shared marketplace where you have your own store, your own identity, yet you're in a market of like products, of companies that like you are interested in promoting Pulp. There is no better place to be to do that than amongst others doing it. Opportunity exists for all to succeed within the Pulp Book Store.
If you purchase several products from several publishers, everything is shipped to you in the same box. Our Flat Rate ground postage means that no matter how many companies you buy from, you pay only one small amount for postage and you pay for everything together. Possibly the best news, Place your order by 7:30pm Eastern Time and your order is mailed the same day. Unbelievable but true.
If Pulp is a part of your life, then browse the Pulp Book Store and enjoy. If you end up there out of curiosity or by accident, then please look around. We're sure there is something offered by our many Publishers that will intrigue you. And if you're a publisher and wish to be a part of this, send a message to Regardless, Radio Archives recognizes Pulp is here to stay and wants the Pulp Book Store to be the one stop all encompassing site where it grows and thrives.

Review of "Tower of Death" from The Shadow, Volume 22
By John Olsen

Tower Of Death was published in the May 1, 1934 issue of The Shadow Magazine. The tower of the story's title is only a part of a fortlike mansion known as Montgard. The large looming old house sits on the country estate, with the tall tower in the center. The gigantic turret serves as a huge entry to the house. Inside on the round tower floor, a double circle of tile borders the circumference of the room, decorated by Egyptian hieroglyphics along with signs of the zodiac. A strange tower, indeed, it was built long ago by old Windrop Raleigh, an eccentric inventor.
Rumor has it that Windrop Raleigh left a treasure hidden in the old mansion when he died. Racketeers Mallet Haverly and "Speedy" Tyron have been in contact with Luskin, a former servant of Windrop Raleigh, and have been informed of the rumored millions. But there's more than just a treasure to worry about. There's the mysterious disappearances. Men have been known to enter the huge turret, to never be heard from again! Two half-brothers and a cousin. One by one they disappeared - always after paying visits to Windrop Raleigh. They entered Montgard, one by one, never to reappear! Let's not also forget the strange terms of the will of recently deceased Windrop Raleigh.
There are many questions to be answered in this strange, sinister mystery. It will take The Shadow to find out the answers! The Shadow is aided by his agents Cliff Marsland and Harry Vincent in this story. They are dispatched to the town of Glenwood to assist The Shadow in his investigation of the sinister goings-on at Montgard. Investment broker Rutledge Mann, contact man Burbank and reporter Clyde Burke also make brief appearances. Detective Cardona appears at the beginning of the novel and again at the end. The Shadow, himself, appears twice as Lamont Cranston, but throughout most of the story appears attired in his black cloak and slouch hat.
It's interesting to note that The Shadow climbs the stone walls of Montgard with his gloved hands. No use is made of those rubber suction cups which he would occasionally use to scale the outsides of buildings. In this story, he's as a human fly. But wouldn't it have been safer to remove the gloves?
Again in this story, The Shadow grabs the falling body of a wounded thug and uses it as a shield in his gun battle with a mob of gangsters. This has happened in many other Shadow novels, so it appears to be somewhat of a standard practice. And to think that when I saw that technique used in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Total Recall" some years ago, I thought it was original. Nope, The Shadow was doing it fifty years earlier!
You'll really enjoy this wonderfully moody story with its fading twilight, looming edifices, darkened turrets and forbidding walls. And it can be yours for $12.95 along with another great Shadow tale in The Shadow Volume 22 from Radio Archives!


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Fort Laramie is one of my favorite westerns, and I was so excited when I saw that you now had it available for download. In the past few years I had listened to the series 3 or 4 times, and was curious as to how much better it would sound from Radio Archives. The quality on my "old" copies is not bad, but the sound quality from Radio Archives is magnificent. There is such a dramatic difference that I almost did not recognize a couple of the voices. Bravo. Another job well done.
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Thank you for the free gifts you included with my order of the "The Unexpected" Volumes 1 and 2. They were a pleasant surprise. Again thanks. Satisfied customer.
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Just started to listen today to Box Thirteen.  Wow!  Excellent addition to my drive time activities.  Any more in this series available?  Great also to hear Bob and Ray after many years.  They were great favorites of mine from the old "Omnibus" days of NBC.
Curtis Spencer writes:
Understanding that Doc Savage will soon be released. Will order as soon as it's out. Thank you very much.
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Any news on any New Doc Savage novels. I hear that Will Murray is writing some. I bet it is going to be great.
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