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New Pulp author Bobby Nash was the featured artist guest on Jim Wall's Coaching podcast. We had a great conversation on the writing life, being prolific, Snow, sitting in the captain's chair on the bridge of the USS Enterprise, creating characters, themes, tropes, BEN Books, where all these crazy story ideas come from, and so much more.

Sit back, relax, and give it a listen HERE.

"Thanks again, Jim. That was fun."

Thursday, April 2, 2020


My latest release, Snow Star is now on sale.

April 2, 2020

After a year’s absence, author Bobby Nash’s Abraham Snow returns to bookshelves in a brand-new mystery/thriller called SNOW STAR published by BEN Books. You can read and/or watch the author read the opening chapter at and below. You can also find the video on YouTube HERE and below.

About Snow Star:
To the world at large, Miranda Shake is a big star best known for her work on the long-running television series, The Adventures of Amazing Woman. But Abraham Snow knew her by another name, Melanie Shaw. Before the fame, they were childhood friends. After school, Snow enlisted, leaving his life, family, and friends behind. Melanie went off to Hollywood, changed her name, and became a star.

Now, reconnected after so many years, Snow has fallen for her once again. For the first time, in a long time, he’s happy.

When Miranda Shake is found dead on New Year’s morning, having apparently jumped from the roof of her condo while wearing her TV superhero costume, everyone is quick to call it suicide, another troubled star taking her own life.

Everyone except Abraham Snow.Snow is convinced that his friend was murdered and sets out to find out who did it and why, much to the irritation of Atlanta Homicide Detective, Robert Trent, who does not like private investigators butting into his cases.

SNOW STAR is the fifth book in the continuing adventures of Abraham Snow.

SNOW STAR is available for purchase at the following retailers:
BEN Books Store (autographed paperback)
Amazon US (paperback)
Amazon US (ebook)
Amazon CA (ebook)
Amazon UK (ebook)
Amazon DE (Kindle)
Amazon FR (Kindle)
Amazon ES (Kindle)
Amazon IT (Kindle)
Amazon NL (Kindle)
Amazon JP (Kindle)
Amazon BR (Kindle)
Amazon MX (Kindle)
Amazon AU (Kindle)
Amazon IN (Kindle)

Read it FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.
More paperback locations and Audio coming soon.

“This story is one I’ve been wanting to tell for thirty years,” says Nash of the story. “I love a good mystery and in 1989, I wrote ‘Who Killed Amazing Woman?’ and knew I would have to tell that story one day. I just needed the right protagonist to solve it. The story was just waiting for Abraham Snow.” 

Abraham Snow’s adventures are chronicled in Snow FallsSnow StormSnow DriveSnow TrappedSnow Series 1, Vol. 1, and now SNOW STAR published by BEN Books and Paul Bishop Presents: Disorderly Conduct (featuring Snow Flies) from Wolfpack Publishing. Snow’s adventures are available in paperbackebookaudio book, and hardcover (series collections).

Abraham Snow will return Summer 2020 with SNOW DOWN, the 6th book in the series and the end of series 1. SNOW Series 1, Vol. 2 will follow soon after. SNOW series 2 will debut Winter 2020.

Keep up with all of the latest SNOW news at
Stay up to date on BEN Books releases at
Follow author Bobby Nash at and across social media.

Bobby Nash reads SNOW STAR opening chapter.

How could things go so wrong so fast?

Three hours ago, Miranda Shake had kissed her best friend, the only guy she knew that never tried to take advantage of her. They had been friends for over twenty years. She loved him and felt confident that he had similar feelings for her. Of course, neither of them would ever be the first to admit it, which left them idling in neutral.

Except that one time.

It seemed so long ago now. Almost like a faded memory. Sometimes she wondered if it had been real or if it was just two people lost in a moment. Either way, it was a precious memory.

With him, she could be Melanie Shaw, the name her parents had given her and the one she used when her friend first met her back at Sommersville High School all those years ago when she had been ashamed of the freckles that dotted her face, the same freckles that today were often referred to as sexy. Sometimes she missed plain ol’ Melanie Shaw. It wasn’t always easy to be Miranda Shake, TV and movie star, in a world that was constantly tugging at her.

She had invited her friend to a New Year’s Eve bash atop a swanky downtown Atlanta hotel. He had resisted at first, but she was hard to say no to when she wanted. The party was a who’s who of the industry elite, actors and celebrities, movers and shakers, money makers and money grabbers. This was more her world that his, but she was over the moon when he agreed to be her date for the evening. He seemed only marginally uncomfortable as she worked the room, flashing that million-dollar smile that had melted so many hearts over the years.

At midnight, as fireworks exploded overhead, she kissed him.

It was long, hard, and as passionate a kiss as she had ever planted on anyone.

He didn’t complain.

She didn’t want the night to end.

When the party started to die down an hour later, she threw caution to the wind and invited him to stay the night. Her condo was close by and she promised that together they would kick the New Year off in style, make it a night to remember. A night of passion with the beautiful Miranda Shake was an invitation few
men would be able to refuse.

When he declined, she was surprised, then angry, then eventually, understanding. He had a prior commitment the next morning and needed rest. Work, he said. As he explained the situation, she understood, but was disappointed. She had longed to spend the night together. Any other man, she might not have believed, assuming the worst, but she had never known him to lie to her before. There was no reason to think he would now.

“Some other time,” he said before he kissed her goodnight.

“How about tomorrow?”

He smiled. “I’ll call you when I’m done. Dinner?”

“That would be a good start,” she said, a little too flirty. She chided herself. There was no need for that with him. She knew that he liked her. The old seduction tricks weren’t necessary.

He had offered to drop her at her condo on the way, but she decided to spend a little more time at the party with the stragglers.

And she needed another drink.

Maybe a couple more.

She knew better, of course. Miranda Shake had a problem, one well documented in the tabloids and on tabloid TV over the years. She did not know how to say no to another drink. As a young starlet, rocketed to stardom early in her career thanks to a lucky break on a TV series that hit big followed by a role in a movie that garnered her an Academy Award nomination one year and another that saw her take home the fabled trophy the next, Miranda Shake became popular fast. For a time, she was America’s sweetheart.
Everyone loved her. She was a star.

They also loved to buy her drinks.

Later came the pills.

A lot of miles had come and gone since then and she had kicked the pill habit, but alcohol was the demon that would not leave her alone. Not for the first time, she cursed the demon that was substance abuse. She knew many who called it a disease, but Miranda didn’t buy it. She knew the monster was real. A disease could be cured. The monster, her demon, would never die. All she could do was lock it away, if only for a short time.

No matter how strong the cage, her monster always escaped.

She tried to fight it, she did, sometimes she was even able to walk away from it if her guard was up, but when the monster saw weakness, it struck.

Though he did not mean to be, her old friend, Abraham Snow was a weakness.

When he left her, the monster saw it’s opening--

--and pounced.

When her guard was sufficiently lowered, the vultures circled as they usually did, preying on her moment of weakness. One drink led to a second, which became a third, then fourth, and then she wasn’t paying attention to where the drinks were coming from. As she knocked back the drinks, Miranda Shake was once again lost down the old, familiar rabbit-hole, curiouser and curiouser.

Things get blurry after that.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

WU DANG Exile of the Wanderer

WU DANG – Exile of the Wanderer

Airship 27 Productions is excited to announce the second novel in writer Barbara Doran’s fantasy adventure series, WU DANG – Exile of the Wanderer.

Chinese Martial Artist, Yi Xiao, having been transplanted to California is still seeking his Doa, that elusive wisp of spiritual peace that so elusive. It certainly doesn’t help when he finds himself dealing with all kinds of supernatural monsters controlled by an American sorcerer named Bly. Bly’s goal is to steal the all-powerful magic of the mighty Old Man Mountain spirit and Xiao has to stop him.

Luckily Yi Xiao has his own unique allies. There is Wu Chang, the walking-dead martial artists sent from China by Xiao’s grandmother to be his bodyguard. Then there is Deathshead, the Indian Coyote spirit with his own agenda and a community of Spanish born sisters that also possess strange arcane abilities. Throw in a water horse and a fire snake creature and once again writer Barbara Doran cooks up a fantasy stew unlike anything ever imagined. 

“We also brought back the same art-team on this volume,” happily announces Ron Fortier, Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor. “Artist Gary Kato provides the interior illustrations and our own award winning Art Director Rob Davis turned in the amazing cover. Fans of the first Wu-Dan will not be disappointed. You can take that to the bank.”

“Wu-Dang : Exile of the Wanderer,” is a non-stop pulp adventure that will both entertain and delight readers from ten to eighty.


Available now at Amazon and soon on Kindle.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


I had a rather productive Tuesday. I spent most of the day working on SNOW STAR, first taking care of edits and then getting started on the production side of things, including layout, interior design, ad creation, and designing the cover. Tomorrow, I'll finish up the essay on creating this story, including solving a mystery thirty years in the making, and then it should be about ready to upload and out to the masses this week. Fingers crossed it all flows smoothly.

Here's a sneak peek at the wraparound cover. I will also be posting it at

Written by Bobby Nash.
Published by BEN Books.

I also spent some time promoting the new Indie Authors Read site, which I am thrilled to be part of at where you can see video of me reading a story from my 85 North collection published by Falstaff Books.

Time to push away for the night, I think.

Stay safe and stay focused, my friends.



Indie Authors Read is now live and a couple of videos have been uploaded, including one featuring authors Bobby Nash and Robert Krog. Look for more videos to be added soon.

Head on over to and listen to me read a short story called "Beyond the Horizon" from 85 North, a collection of short stories I wrote published by Falstaff Books.

You can also watch the video on Youtube HERE and below.

Visit Indie Authors Read on Facebook and lets help keep each other entertained.
A big tip o' the hat to my buddy, Sean Taylor for putting this idea into action.

For more information on 85 North, visit Amazon HERE. 85 North is available in paperback and ebook. Read it FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.
Published by Falstaff Books.



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From March 29th - April 5th, get monster-sized saving on OPERATION: SILVER MOON, a graphic novel by author Bobby Nash and illustrator Rick Johnson. From March 29th - April 5th, you can get the paperback for $9.99 (normal price: $14.99 - THAT'S $5 OFF COVER PRICE!) and/or on ebook for only $0.99 (normal price: $5.99 - THAT'S $4 OFF COVER PRICE)! Don't miss out on this low price for a limited time only at

You can read Operation: Silver Moon FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Paperbacks autographed by Bobby Nash can be purchased at for the regular cover price of $14.99.

About Operation: Silver Moon:
TOP SECRET - EYES ONLY! ROMANIA, JULY 1943. Behind enemy lines, Agent Tom Lupis of the American War Department uses his special skills to thwart the Axis takeover of the world. What makes Agent Lupis such a unique agent is his gift/curse? Tom Lupis is a werewolf. When war breaks out, Lupis and his beastly alter-ego agree to work together for the greater good and end the Axis threat once and for all.

In Operation: Silver Moon, Nazi agents have discovered a long lost army of the undead that they plan to unleash on an unsuspecting
world. Agent Lupis is sent in to deal with the threat, which brings him into contact with the vampire lord known as Vlas. Can Lupis and Vlas put aside their ages old differences and work together to stop the Nazi's Army of the Undead?

Operation: Silver Moon is a graphic novel written by Award Winning Author Bobby Nash with beautiful artwork by Rick Johnson.

Bobby Nash's pulp hero, Lance Star: Sky Ranger makes a brief appearance in this graphic novel.

Published by BEN Books.

Visit the official Operation: Silver Moon site HERE.

Thursday, March 26, 2020


A Big thank you to hosts Joe Christina and Russ Addison for a great interview tonight on The Writer's Block Radio Show. I had a fantastic time. We talked all about writing, creating characters, crafting dialogue, the writing process, SnowSuicide Bomb, and more. Thanks again for having me on the show LIVE on gentlemen, It was fun.

If you missed it LIVE, the episode will be released as a podcast tonight and you can listen to it at

Thanks again.



Tonight... I will be LIVE on The Writer's Block Radio Show at 7pm (PST) / 10pm (EST) on We'll talk SNOW, writing, trusting your characters, the writing process, and more. It'll be a fun conversation. If you can't listen LIVE, a podcast will be available soon after at

This Thursday, The Writer's Block Radio Show welcomes the writer of thrillers, crime, action, pulp, anthologies and more, Bobby Nash to The Writer's Block. When most writers have a hard time with one genre, Bobby does, give a listen at 7 PM, Pacific (10 PM EASTERN), Thursday right here at LA Talk Radio's The Writer's Block and see what all the hubbub is about! The Writer's Block is a weekly radio show bringing together writers and readers. Thursdays at 7pm (PST) on

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


I will be LIVE on The Writer's Block radio show this Thursday, March 26th at 7pm (PST) / 10pm (EST) on We'll talk SNOW, writing, trusting your characters, the writing process, and more. It'll be a fun conversation. We may even give away an ebook or two for those listening live. If you can't listen LIVE, a podcast will be available soon after at

Repost The Writer's Block Radio Show:
Join Russ Avison and Jim Christina this Thursday when we welcome the writer of thrillers, crime, action, pulp, anthologies and more, Bobby Nash to The Writer's Block. When most writers have a hard time with one genre, Bobby does, give a listen at 7 PM, Pacific (10 PM EASTERN), Thursday right here at LA Talk Radio's The Writer's Block and see what all the hubbub is about!

The Writer's Block is a weekly radio show bringing together writers and readers. Thursdays at 7pm (PST) on

Should be fun.


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Spring has sprung and we're all stuck at home. Sounds like the perfect time to add some Snow to your spring. The BIG $.99 SNOW EBOOK SALE IS NOW LIVE! Get caught up on Abraham Snow's award-nominated exploits form the very beginning with BEN Books and award-winning author Bobby Nash on ebook for $0.99 each beginning March 21st through March 28th on Amazon. You can read the entire Snow series to date for under $5 to get ready for Snow Star, debuting the first of April.
It all starts with Snow Falls and continues in Snow StormSnow DriveSnow Trapped, and Paul Bishop Presents: Disorderly Conduct featuring Snow Flies. Snow Series 1, Vol. 1 collects the first 3 stories in one volume (not part of the $0.99 sale). Abraham Snow returns in 2020 with Snow Star (spring 2020), Snow Down (summer 2020), and Snow Series 1, Vol. 2 (summer 2020 - collecting books 4 - 6 in a single volume), and more on the horizon. Keep watching the official SNOW site for more details.

Snow's adventures are available in paperbackebookaudio book, and hardcover. You can read each Snow book for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Check out the book series that readers call "A Page Turner," "Fast-Paced Action," "Brisk," "Highly Enjoyable," and "A Great Read" today at

Get to know Snow at

I hope you have as much fun reading Snow's adventures as I do writing them.


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I sent out a special #TheSummerofSnow edition of my Nash News email newsletter tonight with details on the big 99 cent ebook sale running this week. More importantly, newsletter subscribers and patrons get the first look at the synopsis for SNOW STAR, debuting the first week in April. It's not too late for you to get in on the action. 

You can sign up for the Nash News email newsletter (and get a FREE copy of Snow Falls) at and/or you can subscribe to my Patreon page and for $5 a month (or more if you're feeling generous), join the ebook of the month club at You can also buy autographed paperbacks and hardcovers directly from me at my store:

The Big #TheSummerofSnow ebook sale runs March 21 - 28 on Amazon. Get all 5 SNOW stories for 99 cents each. Links can be found at , , and

As always, I appreciate your support.


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As announced on Bobby Nash's Facebook Live chat today... BIG $.99 EBOOK SALE!

#TheSummerofSnow is heating up! Get caught up on Abraham Snow's award-nominated exploits form the very beginning with BEN Books and award-winning author Bobby Nash on ebook for $0.99 each beginning March 21st through March 28th on Amazon. You can read the entire Snow series to date for under $5 to get ready for Snow Star, debuting the first of April.

It all starts with Snow Falls and continues in Snow StormSnow DriveSnow Trapped, and Paul Bishop Presents: Disorderly Conduct featuring Snow Flies. Snow Series 1, Vol. 1 collects the first 3 stories in one volume (not part of the $0.99 sale). Abraham Snow returns in 2020 with Snow Star, Snow Down, and Snow Series 1, Vol. 2 (collecting books 4 - 6 in a single volume), and more on the horizon. Keep watching for more details.

Snow's adventures are available in paperback, ebook, audio book, and hardcover. You can read each Snow book for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Check out the book series that readers call "A Page Turner," "Fast-Paced Action," "Brisk," "Highly Enjoyable," and "A Great Read" today at

Get to know Snow at


#TheSummerofSnow heats up! With the cancelling of conventions, I am doing a Facebook Live Question and Answer session today at 4 pm EST. Basically, it's a convention panel in your living room. Anyone interested in hearing me ramble on for an hour or so?

Also, I'll also have a BIG SNOW announcement as well. 

Join me live at 4 pm EST at today!


Wednesday, March 18, 2020


New Pulp author Bobby Nash joined the conversation on episode #349 of the Super Hero Speak podcast to discuss the impact the coronavirus and cancellation of events has on creators, vendors, convention centers, hotels, and more.

Listen to Super Hero Speak #349: The Real Impact HERE.

"Big thanks to host David Markowski and the gang at Super Hero Speak for inviting me to join the conversation." 


This week the guys are joined by Shequeta Smith (Rayven Choi), Bobby Nash (Snow) and Caleb Thusat (village comics) for a panel discussion about how the cancelling and rescheduling of comic book conventions impacts independent creators. Please sit back and enjoy, as you have nothing else to do right now ;) and consider supporting your favorite indie creators! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


The Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention has been postponed from April until September due to Coronavirus limitations. This is the con where The Pulp Factory Awards are handed out. Instead of delaying announcement of the winners until September, The Pulp Factory's Ron Fortier released the following statement today.

In lieu of the Windy City Pulp and Paper postponement until Sept., this year’s Pulp Factory Awards Winner will be announced via a special video and Press Release. Once the actual awards have been made and addresses for the winners obtained, regular hosts Ron Fortier and Rob Davis will do a short video announcing the winners of each of the five categories. At that same time, the actual awards will then be mailed out to each recipient. Again our thanks to Van Plexico and Gordon Dymowski for a great job handling the voting. As soon as the video is up at You Tube, we will circulate the link and Press Release everywhere on line.

I will post more details as soon as I have them.



With the cancelling of conventions, I'm thinking of doing a Facebook Live Q and A session this week. Anyone interested in hearing me ramble on for an hour or so on Thursday around 4pm EST?


Sunday, March 15, 2020


WE LOVE READER REVIEWS! A huge thank you to Tony Lorenz for his kind words and 5 STAR review of my novel, Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity. Thanks again, Tony! I'm glad you liked it. I had a great time playing in Nightveil's world. Hopefully, I'll be able to do it again.

"I just read the book, Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity. I LOVED IT!!!! FIVE STARS!!!!! The book started out a little slow at first, mainly because I knew of the character but really didn't know anything about the character. It took a couple of chapters for me to get into the swing of things. The epic story flowed seamlessly. What amazed me the most is how well you making each character so unique to themselves, even though they were the same character from different Earths. I never once got confused which character was which, well done. Once the action started to pick up your ode to Crisis On Infinite Earths came into full effect. You characters were so well written, they felt real. The story was very complete start-middle-conclusion, but leaving me wanting more. Great job Bob, if you wrote another Nightveil book I would buy it for sure. Oh yeah the packaging is very nice and a beautiful cover art by Nightveil's creator Bill Black."

You can learn more about Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity HERE!
Available in paperback and ebook. You can read this novel for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.
Written by Bobby Nash
Published by Pro Se Productions
Nightveil licensed from AC Comics
Cover art by Bill Black


Learn more below...

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#TheSummerofSnow continues...

Big thanks to Adam Messer for having me on as a guest today on The Adam Messer Show on Savannah, Georgia's WRUU - 107.5 FM Savannah ( We had a great discussion of the writing life, marketing, promotion, branding, and trusting your characters. 

If you missed it live, look for a podcast release of the episode on this week.


Saturday, March 7, 2020


I'll be a guest on The Adam Messer show beginning tomorrow at 4 pm EST. Give it a listen live on My friend, author Nicole Smith (Nicole Givens Kurtz) will be on from 3 pm - 4 pm. You'll enjoy her interview as well. If you can't listen live, the episode will be released a couple of days later at

I hope you'll join us.


Sunday, March 1, 2020


We love reader reviews! Big THANKS to reader Mary Elizabeth for her kind words and 5-STAR Amazon review of Snow Falls.

"Great action thriller! The story opens with our main character, Abraham Snow, deep undercover. His cover is blown and he is left for dead. After a lengthy recovery he heads to his grandfather’s home to rest and decide what to do with his life. Instead of a little rest he becomes involved in a dangerous situation thanks to his family business. Relying on instinct and training he proves to himself and others that he still has what it takes to get the bad guys."

Read the full review at

Learn more about Snow at

Thanks again, Mary Elizabeth. Reviews are like gold and yours made our day.


Saturday, February 29, 2020


The March edition of NASH NEWS, the official email newsletter of author Bobby Nash is live and sent out to subscribers. Not a subscriber? Signing up is easy and FREE! Just head on over to and sign up.

Speaking of FREE, if you subscribe to Nash News today, you get a FREE ebook copy of SNOW FALLS! Also, there are links to FREE COMICS in the newsletter this month! And did I mention it's all FREE? Whatta deal! Join us today!


Monday, February 17, 2020


WE LOVE READER REVIEWS! Big thanks to reader Mr for his kind words and 5 STAR Amazon UK review of SUICIDE BOMB by Bobby Nash. Published by BEN Books. You can read the full review at

"A fine book of suspense! Everything seems fairly quiet and then...bam! Action! Suspense! This book makes you turn that page."

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2020


Here's an excerpt from "In The Wind" a Sheriff Tom Myers thriller. This is the opening chapter. The other chapters are released each week(ish) as a serialized novella on Patreon.

You can get the rest of the story at where subscription tiers begin at $1. Once the book is completed, it will be published by BEN Books.



Pete Messer hated his current assignment.

It wasn’t a tough gig, but what it also wasn’t was very exciting. He had been tasked, along with two other U.S. Marshals like himself and an FBI Agent to baby sit a witness at a safe house out in the middle of nowhere.

On paper, it sounded like a plum assignment.

In reality, he was bored to death.

Their witness was a mid-level scumbag who kept book for the Manelli crime family named Bates Hewell. Although the Manelli’s had been keeping a low profile in recent years, save for a slight altercation a year earlier that ended in a shootout. Instead, they had focused the investigation on their legitimate enterprises as opposed to their less than legal means of income, they hadn’t abandoned their criminal ways. They just learned how to keep those endeavors out of the limelight.

What their witness knew would mean mass arrests and convictions. Once the word got out that Hewell had turned State’s evidence, if it hadn’t already, all hell was going to break loose. This guy’s life wouldn’t be worth a plugged nickel if the Manelli’s got a hold of him. For the past two months, Agent Messer and a revolving team of agents had been babysitting the witness, moving every few days to a new secure location in an effort to keep anyone looking for Hewell off balance. They had to keep him safe until his deposition later in the week. After that, they would repeat the process until the trial, which could take anywhere up to a year or more to begin. Longer no doubt, once Manelli’s high priced attorneys got in on the act.

Messer hoped there was a plan to rotate him out of babysitting detail soon. He needed a break, not just from the monotony of the assignment, but from the annoying protectee in his charge. So far, he was the only Marshal on the detail to not be swapped out and he was starting to wonder if he was on someone’s shit list back home or if they had simply forgotten about him.

“Ours is not to question why…” he muttered and dropped the cigarette on the driveway before grinding it out with his shoe. He had given up the cancer sticks once upon a time, but when on these seemingly never-ending protection details, he craved a smoke if for no other reason than to have something to do. Out of respect for his coworkers, he always took it outside when time to light up. Slipping on a sweater jacket and hoodie over his button up shirt and tie to keep up the illusion that it was a nice, normal family renting out the old Patterson place off Old Country Road 3 near the intersection of Highway 81.

To his co-workers, he was walking the perimeter while grabbing a smoke.

The safe house sat on a fairly secluded piece of land in a quiet northeast Georgia area just a few miles north of the middle of nowhere, a perfect place to hide out. The house they had rented under false, government created identities, was a ranch built in the 1980’s when the house had once been a farm house. There were several acres of fairly flat, overgrown with grass, terrain surrounding them, which meant they would see anyone coming their way long before they reached the house.

From the outside, there was nothing extraordinary about the old Patterson place.

The inside wasn’t much different, which made it the perfect safe house to keep their witness on ice until time for him to stand before the grand jury and spill his guts.

The safe house was your typical ranch style house that was built in the 1980’s all over the southeastern United States. Three bedrooms, two of them tiny, two bathrooms, kitchen, den, living room, dining room, small fireplace, and two car garage that only fit two cars if you didn’t have to open the doors on either of them. The house sat on fourteen acres of flat farm land, which allowed them to keep an eye on all directions. It was a foreclosure that had been purchased under a dummy corporation’s name to keep it secure. On paper, it was a rental property.

Only a handful of people knew its real purpose.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Messer walked into the living room and yawned. The sun had set less than an hour earlier and since he had been on duty since midnight, he was ready to crash.

“I’m beat,” he told the Parker and Cutler, who were playing what was probably their hundredth game of poker. One of them had brought cards and chips. Messer wasn’t sure if they were actually playing for real money or not.

Messer, along with Deputy U.S. Marshal Simon Parker, Deputy U.S. Marshal Amy Street, FBI Agent Mike Cutler had spent the past week rotating shifts around their witness, an annoying man who rarely slept and watched a lot of TV when he wasn’t pacing nervously. He was an anxiety attack just waiting to happen.

“Yeah, sack out, man,” Parker said as he folded and tossed his cards atop the pile of chips he had just forfeited. “You look tired.”

“You’re a peach, Parker,” Messer said.

“Knock first. Street’s in there.”

Thanks. He knocked and there was no answer so he assumed she was asleep. Messer gave his colleagues a half-hearted salute before heading into the master bedroom and quietly closing the door behind him. In the dark, he couldn’t see Amy Street in either of the two beds that sat against opposite walls of the master bedroom, but he entered the room quietly anyway.

Both beds were empty. Once the door was closed, he heard the shower running in the bathroom and saw light from beneath the door. It didn’t take a twelve-year law enforcement veteran to put two and two together.

Messer kicked off his shoes and climbed into the bed farthest from the bathroom without bothering to change clothes, although he did loosen and pull off his tie and unbutton his shirt. He hung his shoulder holster on the bed post along with the tie then laid on his back and stared at the ceiling. He was tired, but sleep constantly eluded him, especially on the job. It was not a new problem. He couldn’t shut off his brain long enough to doze off. There were too many variables running through his head, schedules, check ins, perimeter searches, things like that. His mind was on the job twenty-four/seven. While that made him good at his job, it had killed more than a few relationships. Occupational hazard.

Messer could still hear the TV from the living room through the door, but it was a muffled roar. Their witness was obsessed with old TV shows. Thanks to the abundance of cable channels showing classic TV lineups these days and the witnesses inability to sleep for more than two or three hours at a time, each night he was able to watch one episode each of each Star Trek series, the A-Team, Quantum Leap, Magnum p.i., Nash Bridges, Night Court, Cheers, and Simon & Simon before passing out for a few hours when the house fell into blessed silence.

The deputy marshal did not see the appeal, personally. He had seen many of those shows as a kid, but after seeing an episode once, he never felt the need to watch it again. He couldn’t understand people like his brother who collected box sets of old shows and watched them over and over again. It seemed weird.

Messer had just started to doze off when the bathroom door opened and Street came into the room. In the short time he had known her, he came to realize that she never walked through a door so much as she burst through them.

“Sorry,” Street said softly as soon as she realized she wasn’t alone. She flipped off the bathroom light and plunged the room into darkness. The only light came in under the door from the living room, the red numbers on the clock, and from around the edges of the closed blinds on the window.

“Did I wake you?” Street asked as she tiptoed across the room on bare feet.

“Nah. I just got in,” Messer mumbled. “You turning in or heading back to the final frontier out there?”

“Nap time,” Street said. After securing her weapon in the nightstand, she climbed into the other bed. She was dressed more comfortably than he was, in sweats and a baggy T-shirt, her long, dark hair pulled up into a ponytail.

He and Street got along pretty well, probably because he was the only man in the house that hadn’t tried to hit on her yet. He found her attractive, but she wasn’t really his type. He hadn’t been able to say the word gay out loud yet, despite John pressuring him to at least tell his parents about them moving in together. They both agreed that keeping it out of the workplace was probably smart, especially on these long babysitting gigs. Based on the way some of the guys acted around Street, he could only imagine the kind of bullshit he would have to put up with if they knew. He hated having to hide who he was, but there were some fights he found were easier to avoid than have. This was one of them.

Messer said good night, then rolled over to face the wall, and eventually drifted off.

He woke to an out of place sound.

Marshal Messer’s eyes snapped open at the sound. Without sitting up, he glanced around the room. The clock showed that it was twenty minutes to four in the morning. He could still hear the TV playing in the other room, but the sound that woke him had not come from there.

He sat up on the edge of the bed softly, quietly. He focused, carefully listening for another clue that he hadn’t dreamt the sound that woke him. He slipped his feet into his shoes, then stood and pulled the service weapon from his shoulder holster still dangling from the bed post.

“Time to get up?” Street asked sleepily from her bunk.

“Shhh…” he said. “I thought I heard…”

That’s when the shooting started.

Messer eased open the door for a look. The living room was empty so he opened the door all the way and stepped out.

Amy Street was two steps behind him, gun also in hand. She was still barefoot, which seemed like a bad idea, but he wasn’t about to admonish her in the middle of a shootout. She moved toward the fireplace that jutted out from the wall off the master bedroom to divide the living room from the dining room. It provided good cover.

Messer went wide, heading to the far wall so he could back her up.

Street pointed two fingers at her eyes then pointed in the direction of the dining room and the kitchen beyond.

He shook his head. He didn’t see anyone.

He pointed toward the open door leading to the other bedrooms, bathroom, and stairwell to the attic that was on his side of the room.

She shook her head. It was clear.

Messer inched forward, ready to head toward the kitchen when he heard glass break.

He turned into the hallway, gun leading the way. The bathroom was ahead. It was clear. So was the back bedroom.

Where the hell is everybody?

He heard glass shatter again and bolted for the front bedroom. He entered just in time to see their protected witness leap out of the broken window into the bushes below.

He’s escaping! Where’s his detail?

Hewell shouted as the prickly bushes bit into his flesh, cutting and scratching him as he freed himself from their grasp. Once free, Hewell ran for the field ahead, hoping to lose himself in the tall grass.

“Stop!” Messer commanded.

Hewell looked back, but kept running.

For a second, the marshal considered shooting him, but couldn’t risk it. Hewell was a scumbag and a crook, but he was also under the protection of the U.S. Marshal’s Service. Shooting him would not be looked on favorably.

He heard the sound of footsteps come up behind him. They were heavy. Boots. Not Street. She was barefoot, he recalled.

He turned just in time to see a stranger enter the room.

The man was armed and seemed just as surprised to see someone there as Messer was to see him.

The man raised his gun.

Messer pulled the trigger first, two slugs to the heart, dropping the man where he stood.

He ran back into the living room.

“Street! We’ve got a runner and shooters! Watch your…”

That’s when he saw her.

Street was leaning against the fireplace, a pool of blood beneath her. She had been shot, belly wound.

“I got… got him,” she said through the pain.

There was no time to question her. He had to get them both to safety and call in medics for Street. He decided he would catch up with Hewell after he was sure she was okay.

“We got to get out of here,” he whispered into her ear as she helped her back to her feet. With one hand, she put pressure on the wound. She still held her gun in the other. They reached the front door without incident.

Messer opened the door and stepped out onto the small concrete porch. It was barely large enough to hold a chair. There was one step between the ground and the porch. He took one step forward.

He didn’t feel the blast until they were airborne.

The house exploded in a giant blazing ball of fire and smoke. Walls were reduced to shrapnel that hammered Messer and Street like tiny missiles as they were propelled across the front lawn.

They hit the ground hard as wood and plaster rained down all around them like a fiery thunderstorm. The grass ignited and spread quickly to the nearest tree.

Street was lying face down in the grass.

She wasn’t moving.

Messer tried to get to her, but he couldn’t move either. He tried again and felt something tear in his side. It was the most unimaginable pain he had ever felt in his life.

Before he passed out, Pete Messer caught a glimpse of Bates Hewell before he disappeared into the tall grass.

Their star witness was in the wind.

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