Friday, August 5, 2011

Table Talk - Go behind the table with Mike Bullock, Barry Reese, and Bobby Nash

Table Talk - Go behind the table with Mike Bullock, Barry Reese, and Bobby Nash at

From Mike Bullock's opening comments:

When you get two or more creators sitting behind a table at a signing or convention, when no one is around, they inevitably start talking shop. I've now done more signings and conventions than I can remember at once but the one thing they all have in common is an opportunity to gab with other creators. Despite what anyone might think, this is the thing I love most about the events. Whether it's comparing a common love of some old character or examining the ins and outs of the latest news or talking about our creative processes, it's always an enjoyable conversation.

When I mentioned this one time to a non-creative friend, he replied "I bet a lot of people would love to hear those conversations."

In response to that, we dreamed up Table Talk, a semi-regular column where you can read conversations between New Pulp creators discussing things we love. Since just about every conversation starts out with a compelling question or statement, that's the format we'll follow here.

I asked fellow writers Barry Reese and Bobby Nash to join me in this, as I feel a solid connection to these two guys, and can only imagine if the three of us spent a weekend sharing a booth at a convention, we'd have some sterling back-and-forths about everything from old pulps to action figures to Silver Age comics and New Pulp.

To start the inaugural column off, Barry Reese suggested someone throw out a question to get the ball rolling. Bobby and I quickly nominated Barry to come up with said question.
You can read the conversational back and forth at

Check back each week for a new installment.