Monday, August 1, 2011


Breaking into the New Pulp field a year ago, Pro Se Productions. initially a two man small press publisher, first made its mark with a line of New Pulp magazines.   Due to various reasons, Pro Se made the decision in March, 2011 to end its three magazines and to focus exclusively on books and anthologies/collections.  Even though that choice has been significantly positive for Pro Se, New Pulp fans have asked almost since the day the last issue was published when the next Pro Se magazine would hit the streets.  Tommy Hancock, partner and Editor in Chief at Pro Se, revealed that that day would be extremely soon.

"Yes, we've listened," Hancock stated, "We've had requests and questions about our magazines almost literally since we decided to go a different direction.  People want to see their favorite characters continue, to read writers that they love do new sorts of things, and to hold that monthly issue to see what's coming next from Pro Se.  Well, they're going to get that, slightly different than we've done it in the past, but Pro Se is definitely back in the monthly magazine business."

Outlining the new magazine line, now pared down to a single title, Hancock said, "Although we love the three titles we had before, it's just more efficient for us at this point to have a single title.   PRO SE PRESENTS will be our single title, but our editorial staff will still follow the old three title model.  Lee Houston Jr. will edit stories that fall into the 'Fantasy and Fear' line while Frank Schildiner acts as editor on stories fitting the 'Masked Gun Mystery' label and Nancy Hansen rides lead as editor on "Peculiar Adventures' type tales.  Barry Reese will continue his fine work as Submissions Editor.  Each magazine, when possible, will highlight a story of each type.  There will also be issues that focus specifically on one of the three divisions."

"Another change is the format.   Our magazines will be fewer pages, around 70-80 monthly, and will be a smaller digest size.   This has to do with the price point as well as ease of reading and visual attractiveness.  PRO SE PRESENTS will be $6.00 for print issues.  E-issues will also be available at $1.99 each.   This change makes it possible for Pro Se to return to publishing magazines and will give readers a three-four story one-two punch of New Pulp action, adventure, and horror every single month."

PRO SE PRESENTS #1 features three stories in its debut issue.  Sean Taylor presents a tale of the line between inspiration and horror in 'Art Imitates Death.'  Don Thomas pens a tale of heroic fantasy with 'Andar and the Farmer.'  And Ken Janssen's Sherringford Bell returns to investigate 'The Scandal of the Bohemian."  Peter Cooper and Sean E. Ali provide art for this debut issue, Ali also responsible for design and format.

Coming in August, PRO SE PRESENTS #1 from Pro Se Press.   Pulp Magazines.  Monthly.  Just the way it should be.