Friday, August 26, 2011


Coming Soon from Altus Press-

The Complete Casebook of Cardigan, Volume 1: 1931-32
by Frederick Nebel, introduction by Will Murray, illustrations by John
Fleming Gould, cover by Walter Baumhofer
The greatest series from the pages of Dime Detective Magazine is finally collected in four large editions. Running from 1931-37,
Frederick Nebel's P.I. Jack Cardigan was one of the main reasons for that magazine's success as well as highly influential to the most popular hard-boiled writers of the day. Sadly, only a handful of the 44-installment series have ever been reprinted since their original appearances 80 years ago. This reprint series will reprint the entire run.
Volume 1 contains an all-new introduction by Will Murray and features the first 11 stories, complete, uncut, and with the original John
Fleming Gould illustrations: "Death Alley (November, 1931)," "Hell’s
Pay Check (December, 1931)," "Six Diamonds and a Dick (January,
1932)," "And There Was Murder (February, 1932)," "Phantom Fingers
(March, 1932)," "Murder on the Loose (April, 1932)," "Rogues' Ransom
(August, 1932)," "Lead Pearls (September, 1932," "The Dead Don't Die
(October, 1932)," and "The Candy Killer (November, 1932)," "A
Truck-Load of Diamonds (December, 1932)."

394 pages, price TBD