Saturday, August 6, 2011


For those who couldn't make the grand trek to PULPFEST, The Book Cave, the premiere podcast of Ric Croxton and Art Sippo, makes it possible to almost be there via your very own ears!  Listen to the Pulpfests specials live from Summer's Best Pulp Con as well as a pre con episode and several other recent pulpy type offerings from THE BOOK CAVE!

Credit and thanks go to Art Sippo for this episode. Ron Fotier, SteamPunk and the Shadow star in this episode.

Credit and thanks go to Art Sippo for recording this episode. New Pulp, Bill Craig and Anthony Tollin are the stars of this episode.

Joel Jenkins joins Art and Ric to discuss his latest epic novel in the Dire Planet series.
Joel Jenkins' blog:
Strange Gods of the Dire Planet preview:
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Credit and thanks go to Jason Aiken for recording this epiaode. C.L. Moore, Steampunk, Walter Gibson and the Shadow are on this episode.

Credit and thanks goes to Jason Aiken for recording this episode. Included in this episode are PulpFest welcome, Shadow Radio, Pulp artists born in 1911 and granddaughters of Pulp.

Credit and thanks go to Art Sippo for recording this episode at PulpFest. This episode has Wayne Reinagel and Win Scott Eckert reading from their books. This week will feature several more recordings from PulpFest. If you weren't able to attend, this is the next best thing.

Ron Fortier, Aaron Smith and andrew Salmon join Ric and Art to discuss the latest Sherlock Holmes anthology from Airship27.
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Ed Hulse of Blood -N- Thunder magazine joins Ric and Art to discuss this year's upcoming PulpFest.

Jeff Deischer returns to the Book Cave to discuss his newest book The Way They Were.

Van Plexico drops by The Book Cave to talk about his Sentinels books.
Van Allen Plexico
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Van Allen Plexico
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--Ron Fortier, award-winning author of Boston Bombers and the Captain
Hazzard novels

Will Murray, Roger Ritner and Michael McConnohie join the Book Cave crew to discuss Python Isle and future audio books.
Will Murray -
On Facebook: The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage.
Michael McConnohie
Web Site:

Shelby Vick of the online Pulp magazine Planetary joins the Book Cave crew to talk about his site.
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Also, I left out someone really important: Ron N Butler, of the Atlanta Radio group, turned up by Jerry Page. Ron has developed Rory Rammer, Space Marshal as, for instance, in and for instance. Rory Rammer is PERFECT for Planetary Stories.
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