Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Fight Card Books has released The Kalamazoo Kid, a Fight Card MMA Novel, in paperback to accompany the ebook release.

About The Kalamazoo Kid:
Authored by Jeremy Brown
Edited by Paul Bishop, Mel Odom

Ray Kurt was one of the first guys to step into a sanctioned MMA fight - back when you scrapped four times a night and didn't wrap your hands until you got to the hospital afterward. Now he trains fighters in his Kalamazoo mixed martial arts gym, searching for someone he can take to the top.

Young fighting phenom Tallis Dunbar might just be that someone, but Tallis comes attached to a whole lot of trouble. Detroit mob fixer Andru Harp wants Kurt to turn Tallis into an MMA beast tough enough to take on the Chicago mob's fearsome fighter, High Voltage - the same man who nearly killed Tallis' brother a year earlier.

For Detroit and Chicago it's all about turf, but for Kurt and Tallis their lives and redemption are balanced on a razor's edge. Kurt is used to fighting with few rules, but now there is only one - survive...