Sunday, May 5, 2013


Samaritan by Bobby Nash
The Grind Pulp Podcast is a new review podcast that has released their first episode. In addition to discussing New Pulp, the podcast also reviews New Pulp stories and movies, including Samaritan by Pulp Ark Award Winning Author, Bobby Nash.

About Grind Pulp Podcast:

Grind Pulp Podcast was created for the discussion of film and speculative fiction selections related to Grind Pulp. What is Grind Pulp? We're so glad you asked. Imagine you've woken up beneath and overpass surrounded by bottles of rotgut with a mirror shard in your hand. Your clothes are soaked in neon green blood, and your pants are down around your ankles. You pull them up and begin to wonder what wild ride brought you here. That wild ride is Grind Pulp.

The Grind Pulp Podcast is hosted by Andrew Crevier, Jeronimo Brown, and James Malone. Listen to episode 1 here.