Monday, April 8, 2013


Pro Se Productions, a Publisher known for Innovative Genre Fiction and New Pulp, announces one of its most interesting, unique projects to date!  Author Joseph Lamere brings a wild concept to Pro Se in the first volume of his digest series, DRAMATIS PERSONAE! 

The Truth isn't stranger than Fiction. Truth is Fiction! Find out in Joseph Lamere’s DRAMATIS PERSONAE: PUBLIC DOMAIN!

For your whole life secrets have been kept from you. Science and history books have gotten it wrong. They only tell part of the story. Maybe someday these books will be rewritten, but only if Diogenes Ra's secret gets out. 

If you only knew what Diogenes Ra knew

He knows something the rest of us don't. Fiction is real. All your favorite characters exists, their stories overlapping in one grand, timeless narrative. Diogenes Ra can access that narrative. For the right price he will even bring your favorite fictional characters here to our world. But they can't be gone long. They have to get back to their stories in time for you to read them or watch them on TV. 

Diogenes Ra believes he alone possesses the ability to pass unchecked between this world and the one we mistakenly call fiction. He's about to find out he's wrong. 

“One of the awesome things about being a Publisher of Genre Fiction,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor-in-Chief of Pro Se states, “is that it’s a fertile field for new and different takes on old standards.  With DRAMATIS PERSONAE, Joseph has brought something to the table that’s part mystery/part mash up/ part family drama and most definitely all Fun.   The characters jump off the page, literally within the story, but also Diogenes and crew are truly unforgettable on their own.   This is a series that Pro Se will be glad to share with the world for a long time coming.”

DRAMATIS PERSONAE: PUBLIC DOMAIN by Joseph Lamere! With Cover Art by Terry Pavlet, Format and Design by Sean Ali, and Ebook Design by Russ Anderson! The first of a fantastically imaginative new series from Pro Se Productions!

DRAMATIS PERSONAE: PUBLIC DOMAIN is available for $8.00 in print from Pro Se’s own store at, from Amazon at and available in digital format for $2.99 for your Nook at, on your Kindle at, and for other formats via Smashwords at !

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