Saturday, April 6, 2013


Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of and one of the founding members of All Pulp, announced today that since his announcement on April 1, 2013, concerning the closing of All Pulp if someone did not assume his duties, which he submitted his resignation from approximately a month ago, several interested individuals have applied.  And as of today, Hancock has made a decision as to who will be in charge of continuing the great legacy of Pulp Coverage All Pulp has maintained since opening in September, 2010.

"This," Hancock states, "is truly a great day for All Pulp.  Although I'm not currently at liberty to reveal who the new ramrods of the outfit will be, I promise that the quality from All Pulp will not only continue, but will most likely improve with a whole new host of possible contributors.  Also, this move will carry All Pulp to multiple audiences, including not only our wonderful readers who fill the New Pulp Movement, but to fans of all sorts of Pop Culture goodness."

Hancock states that even though he is in no way rescinding his resignation as Editor-in-Chief, the new development has inspired him to maintain with All Pulp as a contributor beyond the occasional book review he originally promised.  "I'll be a presence in the continuation of All Pulp," he explains.  "Not the guy in the Captain's chair, but with where All Pulp is going, I'll definitely be a regular part of things."

Stay tuned to All Pulp, continuing in its normal fashion until further developments are announced.