Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Cover Art: Mike Fyles

New Pulp Author Peter Miller’s Uchronic Tales: The Studio Spectre is now available for ebooks at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo, with more ebooks and a print version this week. Cover art by New Pulp Artist Mike Fyles.


Uchronic Tales: The Studio Specter is now available!

The Uchronic Press is proud to release Uchronic Tales: The Studio Spectre. This action packed novella by W. Peter Miller (Jungle Tales Vol. One) features cover art by Mike Fyles (Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man Noir.)

Investigator Clark Tyler is joined by a new hero—The Jade Monk—as they are thrust behind the scenes and into the line of fire in Hollywood's Golden Age.

A spirit is on the loose and terrorizing the cast and crew of The Mayan Mummy and it is up to these unlikely allies to get to the bottom of the secrets behind… The Studio Spectre.

The Claim-- Coming Soon!
The third exciting pulp adventure featuring Ace Insurance investigator Clark Tyler is now available in ebook form on the following platforms: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords. iBook and Sony stores should follow soon...

A print edition will also follow soon.

Next up - Uchronic Tales: The Claim - it all comes full circle as I finally release the expanded version of the first thing I wrote that got me into this whole pulp writing thing.

Cover Art: Mike Fyles
About Uchronic Tales: The Studio Spectre--
Is the ghost of Triumph Pictures haunting the studios biggest star? When scares turn to murder, Clark Tyler is on the case in his third exciting Uchronic adventure. Tinsel Town is turned upside down when the Spectre is on the loose. Clark Tyler teams up with the Jade Monk to face the mystery and terror of the Studio Spectre.

Clark Tyler returns to the Uchronic past in another exciting novella also featuring an exciting new hero, The Jade Monk.

The set of Triumph Pictures latest epic is threatened when accidents and tension plagues the set of starlet Fay Reynolds' newest picture, The Mayan Mummy.

Action, thrills, and double crosses careen across the silver screen and it is up to Clark Tyler and his new friends, Kendo Foster and the mysterious Jade Monk, to solve the case and save the studio.

The Studio Spectre is action in the classic pulp hero style and adventure in the tinseltown in the 1930s.

Clark Tyler is also featured in the other Uchronic Tales novellas - The Zeppelin and The Horn.

Learn more about Uchronic Tales here.