Tuesday, January 29, 2013


PRESS RELEASE-The Uchronic Press is proud to announce the third novella in the Uchronic Tales line—The Studio Spectre.

This time around, Clark Tyler finds himself on a movie lot with a killer on the loose. The rumors had always warned that the lot was haunted, but this time it seems the Spectre is out to kill Hollywood's hottest starlet.

W. Peter Miller (The Zeppelin, The Horn) brings another exciting pulp action tale to the Uchronic series. Dames, death, and Tinseltown are the backdrop for this mystery in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Is the Spectre real, or an elaborate hoax? The Jade Monk joins forces with Clark as they hunt for The Studio Spectre!

The eBook is on sale now at Amazon and the Nook store and just about everywhere else eBooks are sold. The paperback is at Amazon. The book features a stunning cover by Mike Fyles and is packed with thrill, chills, and a firetruck chase through the streets of Hollywood! How many books can say that!

The Uchronic Press serves reader that crave action, excitement, and a bit of an edge to their pulp adventure fiction. Or stories take place in a alternate past, a Uchronic world greatly like our own, but with a dash more mystery, danger, and the macabre. Here you will find heroic adventure, outlandish science, ferocious alchemy, and an alternate history just slightly larger than our own.

Look for other adventures featuring perilous airships, lost civilizations, and earth-shattering danger!

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