Monday, March 4, 2013


Welcome to the March 4, 2013 installment of All Pulp’s New Pulp Best Seller List, originally created by Barry Reese! Before we get to what you’re all waiting for, here are the rules by which this little list comes together.

1) This list only tracks sales through AMAZON. It does not keep track of sales through Barnes and Noble, face-to-face or anything else!
This list only tracks PRINT sales. Exactly how Amazon calculates these things is mostly a trade secret and they vary wildly from day to day. If we checked this tomorrow, the list could be very different. This list reflects sales ranks as of Monday morning March 4, 2013.

3) In order to keep the focus on new releases, eligible works must have been published within the last three months. So, since this list is being done on March 4, 2013, we are only looking at books published since December 4, 2012. Please keep that in mind before complaining that Title X is not listed. Also, keep in mind that for the most part, we are tracking sales from smaller and mid level press publishers who actively publish New Pulp material. We won’t generally track sales from Simon and Schuster or places like that — they have the New York Times Bestseller List for that. If one of the major publishers starts doing The Shadow or something, we’ll track that, but some publishers will not be listed here in order to keep the focus on the publishers actively working to produce and promote New Pulp.
Like the name suggests, we’re tracking “New” pulp —not sales rankings for reprints of classic material. In order for something to qualify for this list, it has to be at least 50% new material that has not been printed in book form before.

5) We are human. If you are aware of a title that should be listed below (keeping in mind all the rules above), please let us know and we will make sure to remedy the situation.

6)    This information is garnered mostly from All Pulp, New Pulp, the Pulp Factory mailing list and a few other sites. If you think we might miss your release, let us know in advance — drop All Pulp a line and tell us when it’s being released.
Without further ado, here’s the completely and totally unofficial New Pulp bestseller list as of right now (title, then publisher, then release date, then sales rank):

1) Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Deadwood Stage by Mike Hogan (MX Publishing, December 10, 2012) – 130,060
2) Finn’s Golem by Gregg Taylor (Autogyro, January 10, 2013) – 256,806
3) Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, Volume 4 by Various (Airship 27, January 19, 2012) – 269,344
4) The Detective, The Woman, and the Winking Tree by Amy Thomas (MX Publishing, January 22, 2013) – 296,811
5) Monster Earth by Various (Mechanoid Press, January 18, 2013) -390,625
6) Fourteen Western Stories by Lloyd Fonvielle (Lloyd Fonvielle, January 23, 2013) – 391,536
7) Prohibition by Terrence McCauley (Airship 27 Productions, December 15, 2012) 417,280
8) Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Jubilee Plot by Mike Hogan (MX Publishing, February 18, 2013) – 434,151
9) The City of Smoke and Mirrors by Nick C. Piers (Pro Se Productions, February 22, 2013 ) 514,277
10) Ghost Boy by Various (Airship 27 Productions,) -765265

Although there’s a few changes in positions, no real movement in a list that is a bit softer than last week.  Greg Taylor’s ‘Finn’s Golem’ plants itself firmly back in the top ten at #2 and Monster Earth finds its way back to the list. Holmes still rules with four titles on the list.   There’s rumor of a few new releases coming this week, so we’ll see if things get shaken up at all next week.  

This week MX Publishing and Airship 27 lead the pack with three titles, followed by Lloyd Fonvielle, Pro Se, Autogyro, and Mechanoid Press each with one! Until then, take your list and a grain of salt and we’ll see you next week.