Monday, April 16, 2012


The Spider ™ Argosy Communications. Artwork © Pablo Marcos.
New Pulp Author Martin Powell shared an excerpt from the upcoming Moonstone release of The Spider in "The City That Couldn't Sleep."


Gunfire erupted, bullets splintering plaster and wooden panels. The Spider was a dark-cloaked blur, springing forward with panther-like prowess. He fired twice, dropping as many hooded thugs, splashing their blood and brains ruby-red across the linoleum. Two more shots punched through another masked skull, and severed a spine into gory splinters.

Only one crook remained. Trembling, he tossed away his weapon, knelt upon the sticky blood-slick floor, and surrendered.

The Master of Men laughed again.

"Smart boy," he snarled, gliding closer to his prisoner. "You’ve been cleaning up, all over town. Clever jobs.
Well organized. Not like everyone else. Maybe you’re immune to the Sleepless Sickness. Perhaps you’re the cause of it. We’re going to have a long talk…and I promise you’re going to tell me exactly where—"

The thug’s eyes spilled tears, gasping behind his mask. The Spider tore away the cowl, revealing killer’s contorted face already blackening with poison he’d consumed from a hollow molar.

There was nothing the Spider could do, except watch him die. He wanted to curse his own failure.

Instead, he laughed. And laughed some more.


The Spider in "The City That Couldn't Sleep" is written by Martin Powell with interior illustrations by the legendary Pablo Marcos. Coming soon from Moonstone Books.