Sunday, March 11, 2012


TIPPIN' HANCOCK'S HAT-Reviews of All Things Pulp by Tommy Hancock

by Paul Bishop, Mel Odom, Eric Beetner, David Foster, et al

A major aspect of Pulp in its heyday that has often been overlooked and even hidden in the shadow of the likes of Doc Savage and others was the Sports Pulps.  Fortunately, that's no longer the case.   A resurgence is taking place today with the New Pulp Renaissnace and that also is the fact that Sports centered Pulp tales are once more playing a prominent role in what defines Pulp for readers today.  That return to greatness has very much to do with the efforts of a small, hardy band of creators who intend to spare no talent and take no prisoners in making sure Sports Pulp is vibrant, active, and a major component of the New Pulp Movement.

Led by veteran authors Paul Bishop and Mel Odom, the creative geniuses behind the extremely popular FIGHT CARD series of New Pulp focused on Boxing, this group of Pulp and Boxing enthusiasts have produced FIGHT FICTIONEERS, a magazine focused on not only promoting the Fight Card books, but also Pulp and Fiction in general crossing several mediums that promote the use of Boxing and similar sports, like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in books, films, etc.  This e-magazine is filled with great articles on current authors and works dealing with the Sweet Science or just fighting in general.   Add to that the reviews of movies and books by Foster and the pure passion that pours through in every word, be it from Bishop and company or those authors and others they interview, then FIGHT FICTIONEERS is not only informative and the best way to learn about New Sports Pulp, but it also takes its place beside the finest representatives of this renaissance as a major piece of the perfect blending of Sports and Pulp!

Five out of Five Tips of the Hat-  Definitely can't wait for Issue Two